Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Launching PINK SLIP DAY Campaign

Been on a fast moving train passing breathtaking sights so fast your mind cannot take them all in? Moving with such speed you cannot focus on a single sight?

We’re on a national train that is speeding so fast that we cannot see the significant things we need to and it is dizzying to try and focus on a single issue. Our lives, both in terms of quality and substance, are being effected on a scale unparelleled. It isn’t about managing a crisis a day, though that would have been a huge change before January 22, 2009. It is in fact, about managing many crisises in a day! EVERY CRISIS has an impact on our lives whether it’s economic, social, political, or a matter of national security. We are so overwhelmed by the shear volume of change we flinch daily -- many may soon begin to suffer from depression and perhaps stress disorders! Even news media is having a tough time keeping up with all the news and the changes. They tell us they’re as shocked as the rest of us.

Economically, people are losing their jobs, life savings, homes, a quality of life and self respect, all in numbers not seen in most peoples life time. The government is now a major partner in two of the 3 auto makers of American cars, and they have taken ‘investment banking’ to a whole different level of understanding. The housing industry, long blamed for the reason for the current crisis, is still experiencing a downward turn. With all the money that has been thrown at this problem, ostensibly to save jobs and help people who have been ill affected by the crisis, the job loss numbers are still rising. Yet, the bail out and other monies have been in the hands of those industries identified as crucial for months. Economically, people are still losing jobs, life savings, and homes!

Socially, change in how this administration deals with criminal activity, and criminals, is at least suspect if not worrisome. Charities – a means to sustain the various social needs of our citizenry -- are being severely impacted through taxation proposal and further exacerbated by the crippled economy! Societal mores require personal and moral reserves act as a constraint against extreme response to the powers at be – yet, going forward, there is a need to STAND UP and SPEAK our mind! And do it now.

Politically, we see a revolution building. The power of one party now holds sway over the future of America; said party’s aggressive agenda frightens some, while emboldening others. The world has watched, has assessed and is now speaking. They are referring to us as Marxist and Communists. US! And we are only 4 months into a 4 year regime. What will we look like at the end of this term?

And where national security is concerned, the policy makers running this country have turned their attention away from long time allies in favor of courting ‘acceptance’ from nations whose well documented cases of thuggery, deplorable lack of human rights and criminal activity dominates headlines, globally! Is America ready for the consequences to it’s own inalienable human rights because everything it is now doing is geared to win acceptance in nation after nation where little to no thought is given ‘human’ rights? Nuclear detonation/holocaust looms daily from one despot hotspot or another. Our southern borders, as porous as they are, have led to lawlessness on either side. Already our own citizens have suffered loss of life and property. The government is cutting funding to missile programs at a time when sworn enemies of America are proliferating. The government is cutting costs on surveillance at port authorities when our ports have long been viewed as most vulnerable to enemy insurgents and attack just behind the borders.

Enemies from within and from without are focused on a single goal: annihilate the ‘American’ way. Symbols of America abroad or here on sovereign ground have become increasingly imperiled because this administration is building a reputation of weakness partly by castigating and criminalizing those who protected us so well after 9/11/2001!

Consider young soldiers, standing in front of a recruiting office in a major metropolitan area of the US, can be slain or maimed by a Jihadist terrorist convert and their Commander and Chief shows NO PUBLIC OUTRAGE! 24 hours earlier, a civilian doctor, whose practice included abortion, is shot by a social terrorist. The latter incident not only evoked immediate PUBLIC RESPONSE by the Commander and Chief – he directed protection for abortion clinics by US Marshalls ala the taxpayer’s dime! NATIONAL SECURITY has become an oxymoron!

It is truly frightening to see the speed with which so much change has and continues to happen. It has only been 4 months. We have over a year until we can slow the pace through elections. There is a need for a NATIONAL CAMPAIGN to begin NOW to roust citizens out of their dazed state and into action. We need to make sure we scrutinize the elected officials whose jobs are up for renewal and if they fail to meet the muster they must get their PINK SLIPS! Pink Slip day is November 2, 2010.

Liberty Pole Post will spend the next 18 months campaigning to have our constitutional government be highlighted and honored. We will try to profile different candidates in races all over the US with an eye to determine their record and how it best supports the ideals of our governing documents. Liberty Pole Post will also continue to lend its voice through freedom of speech and press by focusing on stories and their impact on our INDIVIDUAL LIBERTIES and CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

Please visit our site often. Add it to your blog rolls or bookmark it. Share the link with friends and family. Help TAKE BACK AMERICA through free exercise of your first amendment rights. In the past it was called the Revolution! Gather here at this Liberty Pole to help strategize how best to deal with this administration’s impingement on our lives in this REPUBLIC OF AMERICA!

Pink Slip Day, Nov 2, 2010


Anonymous said...

"Economically, people are losing their jobs, life savings, homes, a quality of life and self respect, all in numbers not seen in most peoples life time" How true! Count me in on this "Pink Slip Day" someone needs a Pink Slip besides us po folks. Give it to BO and don't be slow about it. This country will turn into a Zimbobway or something like that quick if he continues. He will be in charge and have all the money and will tell you what and when you can eat.

Lew said...

The country needs wrested from the hands of this dictatorial group that has seized control of us and their rush to socialism, dismantling our constitution, nationalizing major companies and banks and undoubtedly decimating our Military when we are at war.

We now see the Apologizer in Chief back in the Middle East now declaring America to be “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.”

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez claims Obama more left wing than even he is!

Our state controlled media now claims taped messages from Osama bin Laden now shows fear of Obama from the terrorist leader.

Yes, we need a "National Pink Slip Day."

I just hope we can survive as a nation and still have elections next year.

Norm said...

It baffles me to no end why the march to Washington has not yet begun...

This scum that has somehow floated to the surface needs to be flushed out by a million Joe-The-Plummers!