Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fumbling Farouk bungles bomb!

They keep saying it is not a matter of 'IF' but a matter of 'WHEN'.

They say this bomb was advanced, undetectable, showing the bad guys are adapting to literally stay under the radar; then they indicate it is some amateurish incendiary device.

They say the Detroit Dud was on his way to a conference on Islam in Detroit; but he tried to explode a plane upon landing.

They say he was 'suspected' as having ties with Al Quada; he was on some 'watch' list but they forgot to watch him? He had permission to come to Detroit.

They called this an ATTEMPTED act of terror; those on the plane directly involved in retrospect seem far more terrorized than less.

They have suggested links to the same imam that 'MAY' have been killed in Yemen a few days back that was also now known to have given the order to the Army Psycho who terrorized Ft. Hood a couple of months back, STILL not being called an act of TERROR though, once again, clearly people were terrorized.

"They" .. who would 'they' be? Well, 'they' are the ones charged with our safety, both here and in the skies. Yet, it is clear that even 8 years later we clearly have a muddled system of information. Oh, he is on a watch list but wow how embarrassing that would have been to acknowledge had his plan been successful. Let's not rest on our laurels. Let's not take solace in his ineptitude in this instance. Let's hold the same people responsible for knowing he was on watch list and yet somehow managed to give him permission to arrive in our country. His own FATHER reported him, for goodness sake! Weeks ago!!! And he is on a flight to Detroit HOW?

So lately:

Army Doctor murders military and civilian personnel in an act of terrorism on a military base.
2 people crash a 'dinner party' where the President was a guest.
Delta's Detroit landing was safe, DESPITE the watch listed passenger

...and this is just what we know about. Yes, we all know it is just a matter of time. But, why is it the 'authorities' are concerned the American public may be complacent when in fact it's the ones in charge who are the culprits of complacency.

I agree, we must be mindful that "THEY" have no doubt foiled more than we are aware of and have managed to hover our safety somewhere between fair to good, but, it is clear the bad guys are looking to exploit our vulnerabilities. I hope this incident with Firecracker Farouk doesn't catapult the traveler into yet another series of TSA prohibitions. We have Reid the Ridiculous to thank for having to take our shoes off; We have to buy little travel sized containers of tooth paste, mouth wash and deodorant and stick them in a plastic bag in order to freshen up on the plane after a long flight. So what is this going to cause us to do? Pass through some 'Total Recall' XRAY machine exposing us all to harm? It is time the precautions are taken on the part of US Intel -- especially when you have someone's father force feeding you information about the son's radical activities!

The American Public should stay vigilant but it seems not only of suspicious behavior. Perhaps they should be equally suspicious of those whose behavior is not up to safety letting party crashers come and go with impunity and a watch listed man board a US BOUND FLIGHT! with US passengers! It is time to pink slip the civil servants who are creating holes for potential deadly consequences to exploit!