Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupy Wall Street -- Revolution or Devolution

write-matters © 2011
Anyone else a little bored with the whole 'revolution' movement as represented in NY? Really? The 99 Percenters are sitting around with their blue tooth headsets in their ears; their smartphones; some with their tablets and talking about POVERTY in America? Really? For a long long time, America had a clue about destitution and how it looked; about poverty and how it appeared. They saw it when pictures of little malnourished children were shown to incite the viewer to join in a monthly donation to a save the children charity. We see it every time a natural disaster hits a truly underdeveloped area of the world. We don't see people living in squalor with blue tooth devices, smartphones, even electricity. We don't hear of Pizza's being delivered or smoked salmon being made available to them.

This may be the beginning of a revolt against boredom and austerity but it is no revolution against poverty! The folks who are hanging out down there on the streets, many of them as shown in video on various news channels, or interviewed by documentary producers, manifest more middle class than poverty. They may be unemployed; may be even unemployable but they do not know poverty or destitution. In watching the many shots it is interesting to see so many people deliberately crowding around with one another manifesting the baser qualities of humankind 'taking' what they can and while defecating literally on the world. But it is a choice they have made. How utterly embarrassing for America that such a collection of people should be gathering together giving way to a slothful demonstration against hard working and successful Americans!

What is with the whole 'repeat after me' chanting thing..oh wait! That is called 'brain washing'. That is the leadership of  the minions telling their groupie friends 'If I want your opinion I will give it to you!' And are these alleged adults in preschool? Wiggle your fingers upwards if you agree? What?

This is no revolution. This is camping in the park with a bunch of bored people who are enjoying their 15 minutes of fame BUT becoming conditioned to listening to the repeat after me leadership without 'thinking' why? What is next? There is already a segment of the folks there who have made no bones about being ready to commit violent acts against anyone who does not agree or approve of their presence, message or tactics. The foundation and camaraderie is being developed. The large group is forging friendships based on a cause and so long as that cause is kept alive their commonalities will be a powerful emotional and psychological bond. With the right leadership a true REVOLUTION would be easily called to pass. Then the movement veers away from the town centers and vilified icons they are revolting against to the people who 'have' what they believe they are entitled too.

Right now, we are seeing DEVOLUTION. This is a manifestation of a willful break down of societal constraints that have traditionally been engrained in the 'good citizen' with regards to property rights; personal safety and respect for others. It appears the 'ME' generation that has been being groomed for decades has finally arrived at their time, locked and loaded with flashpoint buttons set to call for all out anarchy. We have gone from flash mobs dancing in malls in a seeming spontaneous outburst of innocuous and artful creativity to just mobs waiting for the a flashpoint and artful creativity will only be evident in how those who are pulling the strings, supporting this break down in our society, bring about the anarchy that has plagued country after country for this whole past couple of years! Remember the G20 Summit?

Do you really WANT to encourage a violent revolution? Will you pooh pooh the obvious DEVOLUTION? This is not just another phase. This is an eruption that has been building for a long time, a MANtural disaster sure to bring the world to its knees...I don't know about you but my knees can't take that much pressure!

RESOLUTION through Constitution is the answer to this. A person's character and their faith provides their personal constitution and our interaction with others is based on the application of principles held in America's Constitution! The Bill of Rights provides for the obvious. The right to peaceful assembly is guaranteed but not when it is to the destruction of someone's person or property. The right to free speech is a guarantee but it has consequences when you 'speak' the wrong thing. There are laws against threatening violence against another; or death of another.

Hope I am not alone in praying this plan to overthrow traditional America with a fundamental change will never reach critical mass. The question is, 'can you sleep on a stormy night?'