Tuesday, December 7, 2010

As Assange goes, so goes Free Press/Speech

Doesn't matter what our individual opinion is on the content, the intent, or the reprint of the Wikileaks vs US scandal. From a 'LIBERTY' point of view, once we begin to muzzle FREE PRESS, or if you disagree with his site as 'press' then FREE SPEECH, to this extent you can kiss YOUR OWN speech and press goodbye!

The morality of his actions with regards his web site will be dealt with by plenty of others. News reports have Mr. Assange and those associated with him, like his attorney, being threatened daily with murder. What happens to him once incarcerated may be an intended -- unintended consequence. He and those who assist him have to make peace within themselves for whatever actions they take, and finally, they must face the music after it is all said and done before the great JUDGE!

However, the idea that one entity -- like Wikileaks -- can post documents and the nations appear incensed enough to rattle their respective sables, while other press/speech that is protected, like renown American Newspapers, continues to release the same information with impunity, manifests an obvious 'bigger picture' conspiracy! In fact, it is rather ironic the US Govt is allegedly INCAPABLE of protecting its 'secret' information but thus far no news agency has been able to uncover the real reason why the US or any other nation is so OBVIOUSLY playing the public with staged outrage seeking the shutdown of the man and his business! Facts are: all the while the intelligence agencies for the different countries, like the US, were fully informed as to where he was and how accessible all along!

There has been details released through the media, for instance on Fox Business Network's "Freedom Watch", where the attorney for Ms. Assange has openly shared that his client's whereabouts have been known by the government authorities in the country he was staying! Yet if you listened to the news [even on FBN's sister agency, FoxNews] it is WHERE IN THE WORLD IS ASSANGE?

For what? To be questioned as to his sources? Like the US cannot figure out exactly when and where the documents were downloaded? Questioned as to what else he may have? Again, like the US cannot figure out the nature of the documents? Like the US hasn't got hackers working for them who could access Assange's stash?

We have had the release of military docs; now the release of state department docs; the threat of release of alleged Bank docs. What is it that the US knows he has they do not want released? Or, what is it they are calling his bluff to force him to release!?!

The headline today is most telling: "Assange arrested for not wearing a condom"! And yet, here we are America. We are drawn to a story because of its titillating headline while we neglect the FREEDOMS that are being forever altered, yet again, for our 'safety'! It may be a crime in Sweden to refuse to wear condom, I don't know, but I am so thoroughly distrustful of our government that I would not be surprised to find out AMERICAN dollars will have been spent or promised to everyone from the Swedish Government down to the women making the allegations to get to this point. Again, I ask, what is the end game for the US?

His being arrested for alleged crimes is a separate issue from the international cry to SHUT down Wikileaks and to classify the site as some sort of terrorist consortium as impetus to that end!

His site today; NY Times tomorrow? Unconstitutional abridgment of free speech and we sit by and let it happen.

Wake up! SPEAK up! Let the morality police deal with no condoms. Let the individual governments deal with their 'alleged' lack of internal security. But YOU, YOU stand up and SPEAK your mind and support the right to FREE speech before you have neither!