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Updated January 19, 2020

It has eleven years since this blog was initiated. It came down several years later when it seemed there was no longer a sense of imminent threat to many of our Constitutional rights. However, with the recent elections from 2018 to date, states like Virginia, now with an all democrat administration, senate and congress, the first order of business is to greatly infringe upon the second amendment. It now seems time to engage in conversation again. 

Below you will find our original 'site history' page.

Site History: We conceived this site after watching significant changes in the way our country is being redesigned. Since January 22, 2009, sweeping change has occurred demonstrably in economics, in national security policy, in social mores, in healthcare, in attitudes, in ethics and in religious expression.

We decided to lend our voice and thoughts to the white noise of the internet and if we can encourage, motivate or remind people of what we hold precious in life as a citizen of this great country we have accomplished our goal.

History about Liberty Poles: A quick reference via Wikipedia.com will get you tons of information. But in particular this information is fitting for our site: “When an ensign was raised (usually red) on a Liberty Pole, it would be a calling for the Sons of Liberty or townspeople to meet and vent or express their views regarding British rule. The pole was known to be a symbol of dissent against Great Britain. The symbol is also apparent in many seals and coats of arms as a sign of liberty, freedom, and independence.” – Wikipedia

We were drawn to this historic icon by the research we were doing on the Sons of Liberty and the Committees of Correspondence, the communications venue for the Sons of Liberty. In the time of Sons of Liberty the British rule had been imposing itself in ways the folks in the new world were finding objectionable.

Likewise, today, there are a number of enclaves, all over the internet, of citizens of this great country which have become modern day venues for communications expressing liberty through their pronouncements. Liberty Pole Post, initially, is a site where op-ed views promoting Individual Liberties will continue to be presented. We hope to tech up the site by end of year to include investigative reporting on issues which compromise our independence, our individual liberties, our right to constitutional representation and most importantly those policies conceived and implemented by this arbitrary administration under the current president which impose upon Americans -- especially those policies found to be objectionable. Continued reckless spending, growing government and the theft of future assets for succeeding generations; unwarranted and undesirable universal health care which negates the quality of care Americans have grown accustomed to through private health insurance; and burdensome taxation without representation to try and recuperate the monies being rashly spent, to name the biggees.

On April 15th, 2009, less than 3 months after inauguration, President Obama had managed to frighten hundreds of thousands of Americans out of the comfort of their lives and homes to go out into the public and demonstrate their displeasure in his spending policies! They were everyday Americans with no ‘activist’ training and no ‘personal’ or ‘prejudicial’ bias. They had no specific political affiliation they were supporting in doing this. All they were called to do -- by their patriotic spirit -- was to meet and express their disdain for the practices already in evidence by this administration. The various locations around the country were like the ‘town squares’ of the days of Revolution; thus this site’s conception. It will remain so long as there is a need to call attention to those whose minds and spirits have not yet been awakened to the individual liberties they are forfeiting through their inattention. More voices through sites on the internet promoting the ‘WAKE UP’ call is needed to move people from apathy, complacency or malaise to active, loyal and proud American. With this clarion call the more likely it will be we make a difference on November 2, 2010 and then again on November 6, 2012.

So here, at this Liberty Pole in our virtual town square, we will herald the day’s events with a view to preserving our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our individual liberties, and those same saved for successive generations that they may know the beauty of the best form of government man has made  -- democracy -- subject of course to God, hence the phrase, ‘One nation under God…’!

Please email us your thoughts, comment on the blog side, send us historical data which would be useful in reminding us how far we may have strayed from the founding ideals embodied in the governing documents of the Republic of America.

Thank you for stopping by. 

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