Tuesday, December 7, 2010

As Assange goes, so goes Free Press/Speech

Doesn't matter what our individual opinion is on the content, the intent, or the reprint of the Wikileaks vs US scandal. From a 'LIBERTY' point of view, once we begin to muzzle FREE PRESS, or if you disagree with his site as 'press' then FREE SPEECH, to this extent you can kiss YOUR OWN speech and press goodbye!

The morality of his actions with regards his web site will be dealt with by plenty of others. News reports have Mr. Assange and those associated with him, like his attorney, being threatened daily with murder. What happens to him once incarcerated may be an intended -- unintended consequence. He and those who assist him have to make peace within themselves for whatever actions they take, and finally, they must face the music after it is all said and done before the great JUDGE!

However, the idea that one entity -- like Wikileaks -- can post documents and the nations appear incensed enough to rattle their respective sables, while other press/speech that is protected, like renown American Newspapers, continues to release the same information with impunity, manifests an obvious 'bigger picture' conspiracy! In fact, it is rather ironic the US Govt is allegedly INCAPABLE of protecting its 'secret' information but thus far no news agency has been able to uncover the real reason why the US or any other nation is so OBVIOUSLY playing the public with staged outrage seeking the shutdown of the man and his business! Facts are: all the while the intelligence agencies for the different countries, like the US, were fully informed as to where he was and how accessible all along!

There has been details released through the media, for instance on Fox Business Network's "Freedom Watch", where the attorney for Ms. Assange has openly shared that his client's whereabouts have been known by the government authorities in the country he was staying! Yet if you listened to the news [even on FBN's sister agency, FoxNews] it is WHERE IN THE WORLD IS ASSANGE?

For what? To be questioned as to his sources? Like the US cannot figure out exactly when and where the documents were downloaded? Questioned as to what else he may have? Again, like the US cannot figure out the nature of the documents? Like the US hasn't got hackers working for them who could access Assange's stash?

We have had the release of military docs; now the release of state department docs; the threat of release of alleged Bank docs. What is it that the US knows he has they do not want released? Or, what is it they are calling his bluff to force him to release!?!

The headline today is most telling: "Assange arrested for not wearing a condom"! And yet, here we are America. We are drawn to a story because of its titillating headline while we neglect the FREEDOMS that are being forever altered, yet again, for our 'safety'! It may be a crime in Sweden to refuse to wear condom, I don't know, but I am so thoroughly distrustful of our government that I would not be surprised to find out AMERICAN dollars will have been spent or promised to everyone from the Swedish Government down to the women making the allegations to get to this point. Again, I ask, what is the end game for the US?

His being arrested for alleged crimes is a separate issue from the international cry to SHUT down Wikileaks and to classify the site as some sort of terrorist consortium as impetus to that end!

His site today; NY Times tomorrow? Unconstitutional abridgment of free speech and we sit by and let it happen.

Wake up! SPEAK up! Let the morality police deal with no condoms. Let the individual governments deal with their 'alleged' lack of internal security. But YOU, YOU stand up and SPEAK your mind and support the right to FREE speech before you have neither!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Better to be Red than Dead!

CONGRATULATIONS AMERICA! You stood up, signed up, polled up and stayed up and today began the long trek to bring it home for the kids and the grandkids!

As a child, I was taught to say 'I would rather be dead than red.' Of course, that was the brainwashing verbiage of a generation who feared a communist take over where anyone under the age of 30 would be executed because they could not be taught. But this evening as I contemplated the win I grinned. AGAIN! Communism has been foiled and interestingly by two generations: 1] the one who feared it during the cold war years and 2] their kids!

What is even better is being able to say; thanks to the RED superimposed over the majority of the lower 48 citizens in this country -- the elderly, the infirm, the unfortunate -- will not be denied treatment because of government run HEALTH CARE! Instead, thanks to the vote, America is now on a path to repeal and obstruct the implementation of various aspects of this law through refusing appropriations and initiating legislation to remove the burden from upon the fine folks of this great land.

It will not be easy. And it will not be swift. But it is not the most impending disaster that needs immediate attention. Reining in the deficit, especially in light of the Fed's getting ready to devalue the Dollar by at least 20% Nov 3!

How does that play out? The out of control train wreck America has been riding since January 2009 has had the brakes put on. Will it be enough to bring it to a safe stop? Time will tell. But what will happen is the democratic governors who would indulge their state in 'big government' policies will have fewer and fewer dollars from the Feds to use for their own out of control spending. In reality, the dems who survived the vote tonight will have the hardest time governing in whatever office they hold because the gravy train's engineering staff has been replaced with a leaner more efficient director!

This will have serious consequences for states like NY, CA and HI who are all blue and who have such deficits they are on the brink of financial collapse. Hawaii has a 20 percent food stamp dependency and the State has actively been trying to get as many people enrolled in its food stamp program as possible. Without federal funding that will be a program which will no doubt see drastic cuts. CA hasn't learned its lesson yet. They'd rather be taxed to outrageous levels than to vote in anyone with 'business' savvy. They are so far in the hole they will likely not see the light of day for a very long time. Going back to the teat of the Obama Government is no longer an option. Congress will NOT support it.

The wisdom of our forefathers in designing a terrific republic where the 'people' have the power and the inherent drive to protect their freedoms has in our lifetime never been more self evident than today! Sharia Law in Oklahoma, shot down by the people! I am not sure how come that was on the ballot for this is not a country which recognizes a single religious state/authority. Possession and right to carry a gun was voted in by the good folks of Kansas. Freedoms preserved even on a state level.

Today was a true voter revolution in state after state. With the majority of governors aligned with a conservative bend those states will be brought back from the brink of collapse. Within those states, a conservative change in the majority of their legislators solidly sets the respective states on track for fiscal discipline, albeit tough, which will be unpopular with socialist leaning Americans but in time will see the quality of life begin to rise up as the mythological Phoenix.

It is way too early to predict 2012 and the after math of that vote, but if the newly elected Congress and their corresponding partners in the Senate begin immediately the long process of slowing the momentum of the Obama Train until it can safely be turned it may be possible to head it down a more rational and reasonable path. It could build equity -- perhaps building on the 2010 historic success.

For the record, I think the balance is great right now. The power is in Congress. The Senate has its own character, the President his own. It is finally as it should be. No one party in power.

Thank God for the respite. We may never fully know the disaster that has been averted. While there are many people who have sacrificed much to make this happen, there are a core group of visionary people who I hope history will remember well. The media: FoxNews. The people: Glenn Beck and his entire entourage; leaders in the political field, some of whom were elected today, while others were not but in includes those who championed the candidates from the sidelines through their support as well. The nation: Americans who stopped long enough to see there was something wrong with the route the O Train was taking and began to actively stop it. And God, whose Patience, Righteousness, Faithfulness and Mercy has blessed us once more with a call to our core principles and values and a reminder of the responsibility we have as caretaker of the single most powerful form of government since HIS theocratic rule of Israel of old. It is my hope today's victory would be approved as a right course by such American Icons as John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. It took a bit of Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin to get us motivated and moving but surely their spirit rejoices at the train as it chugs along "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!"

Monday, November 1, 2010

And the winner is? Envelope please

Thought I would join the universal clicking of nails on keyboards around the world as bloggers sit in their respective basements in their jammies, sipping their diet coke and madly recording their pebble of opinion!

I watched most of the day, mostly to see if Rossi, Miller, McDonnell, Fiorina, Whitman, Kasich, Angle and Tancredo were starting to move ahead. Some are, some aren't.

Gagged when I saw McCain trying to sound all 'on it' when he is so part of the 'demogop'! [Of course, in case you haven't figured it out..'demogop' is my contraction of Democrat/GOP.] Listened to Boehner turn a nasty by Obama around to a positive recognizing the 'patriots' who have spent the last 18 months doing what many of them have never done before, get out and 'speak up'. The silent majority has found their collective voice and tomorrow, NOVEMBER 2, 2010, it will resound through the valleys, on the mountains, in the desserts and the plains, over the lakes and hopefully across the ocean. When the day is done, the challenge begins!

Demogops beware! Americans have had enough. Tea Party candidates please learn the lesson of the past few years..do not leave the folks in the dark. Get your work out there. Let us know what you are doing, how it is going, who is impeding it, what we have to do to assist you in sitting down, rolling up your sleeves and getting down to the NATIONAL AUDIT!

We have an exciting election ahead of us tomorrow. Often in our days we have witnessed history in the making. Some has been horrible, traumatic and inconsolable. Some of it was eventful, hopeful, inspirational, awesome and unimaginable. Tomorrow's election will be a bookmark for the first decade of the 21st Millennium! It is likely to dwarf the 2008 landmark election by putting the exclamation mark right over it!!!

It has been great fun these past few months keeping track of what is what. Tomorrow ushers in a new era and new headlines. Hopefully, we can get dressed, emerge from our basements and check out the bright new future...of course, the bright new future is afar off...between now and then there is a lot of hard work, sacrifice and some uncomfortable times. But, when it finally starts to emerge, and we are feeling good about ourselves again, the national pride will be palpable!

November 2, 2010, alas, LIBERTY begins her restoration.

May God bless America.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Juan Willams & Political Correctness

Folks in America are having their minds, their attention and their 'news' viewing narrowly focused these past four days because of a single incident that involved the termination of an employee from a Radio broadcast company. People are fired from their jobs in radio and television often. So what's the big deal here?

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS! And who came up with the term 'politically correct' when using euphemisms to try and be sensitive or tactful. In the olden days, before everything became 'politic' centric, people communicated with each other from a position of familiarity. If they were very familiar with whom they were speaking, say they shared sentiments and opinions on a topic, they felt free enough to just speak their mind. It was how you knew there were no 'games' being played between you. If one was unfamiliar with the other they would use somewhat more opaque terminology initially switching to translucent as the commonalities were established. It is how we got to know each other. First, start off with safe topics then move on to more controversial in baby steps to begin to mentally and emotionally catalog the individual. One may start of for instance establishing standards of acceptable expression by referring to someone who is grossly overweight by just that vernacular: grossly overweight. It isn't personally directed, it is an acceptable and reasonable statement of fact, and it is not considered objectionable when not personally directed. As you become more free to speak your mind, or, less guarded in your speech, you might next say 'obese' then move on to 'huge' and lastly, just say FAT! It is development of a comfort zone in self expression and communication with others.

Then, along came the 'politically correct' culture where everything must be diffused to its most obscure representation, tantamount to lying, or at the very least, covering intent, and voila you have a community as a nation of people who are afraid to simply express themselves.

The unspoken truth in all of this is the reality that today, our culture as a nation does not support reading, or in depth analysis of any situation not part of our job. Instead of words we now learn through pictures/graphics. Instead of using our heads to figure out a math problem we reach for a calculator. Instead of sitting around a dinner table encouraging frank, open and intense 'co'mmunication we grab a bite whenever, sit and eat in front of the television or sit at the table 'texting' by using a series of consonants to convey thoughts. The 'art' of communication is disappearing from every day life between all relationships from the most intimate to the most casual and yet EVERYONE knows the POLITICALLY CORRECT way to say something. Why? Because WE ARE BEING TOLD the right choice in verbiage! To what end? Well, what happens when you use an electric prod on a bunch of cattle? Or shepherds nipping and barking at a flock of sheep? They go, behave and think what you want them to and personal resistance is minimized. What is else is minimized?

Think about it! Critical thinking, personal freedoms, sense of self. There are so many people unable to cope with life anymore that masses are taking mood altering drugs; the way information is delivered in any medium is directed in terms of 'sound bites' and 'headlines' we even have a growing social medium which deliberately restricts the number of characters you can actually use to transfer data to 140 characters! Hence the need to use a combination of letters and numbers and symbols to convey the full idea between individuals.

So now 3 decades later, firmly rooted as a stalwart part of our society, we have POLITICAL CORRECTNESS! Let us not forget, the 'high minded' the 'elitist' believe one is judged on their ability to speak in PC terms! If you speak your mind, clearly, succinctly and honestly you are uneducated, lack class, socially challenged and inevitably dismissed without any consideration as to the substance, quality or genius the self expression may have contained. You are marked as 'Homer Simpson'!

In the olden days [50 years ago] we were taught if we did not have something nice to say about someone to keep our mouth shut! Now, we can indulge in 'talking stink' about someone so long as we use PC terms. Now, we can destroy someone's life and reputation by using PC terms. Ah, that reminds me, Juan Williams. The man was a guest on a FoxNews program and made a statement in conversation about how he feels about traveling via public transportation in the presence of someone dressed in a particular way whose appearance is generally understood to represent a 'group' -- the fringes of which is understood to have murdered thousands of people in several countries for no reason excepting those we would consider 'radical'. See how long that took to say politically correct? Instead of just saying, Mr. Williams said when he sees Muslims dressed in certain attire when boarding a plane he is uncomfortable. What's the big deal? Isn't he saying what most people here and abroad feel? Yet, it cost him his job with the company he worked with for over a decade. Why? Because they are so keenly focused on TELLING YOU AND I what to think by disallowing certain forms of self expression. They'd rather you 'hide' your honest feelings so as to circumvent any discomfort among a group of people who either represent the group as 'radicals' or who have failed to denounce the 'radicals' and distance themselves from such ones sufficiently to allow for comfortable co-habitation on an airplane! They are also part of a system that continues the 'indoctrination' of the practice of acceptable PC. COME ON!!!

It seems as though this has come to a boiling and roiling point and the PC movement may be in danger of crumbling down around the ankles of its master while people begin to slip back into habits from long ago where they express themselves honestly with each other and at the same time build trust among each other. TRUST, TRUTH, two things which the POLITICALLY CORRECT culture has surgically removed from the communication between people and instead of bringing us closer has insulated each of us from each other while creating 'group think' and 'group speak'!

The BORG from Star Trek had a saying 'you have been assimilated!' We have. It is through learned speech habits that creates the antithesis of commonality by making us all strangers while branding us all with the same iron.

It is definitely time to recapture our right to FREELY THINK, FREELY SPEAK, FREELY ENGAGE with each other, if so inclined. Time to be truthful, trust WORTHY and most of all, be a MAN [insert 'person' for PC] of our word.

Word to the 'wise'? If you don't want to be called a nut, don't act, dress, speak or live as one. Otherwise, you will be called a nut! There are provocateurs among us who position themselves to trap those who would 'react' to the art of provocation. After one reacts they are punished through public chastisements and law suits. Why? Because of honest reaction to a staged situation! You wear black leather vests, bandannas, look unkempt, ride motorcycles and have large gutting knives in your back pocket you will be called a motorcycle gang member with all the negativity that conjures. In my face with your lifestyle and I will respond based on the perception you want me to have. Leave me alone and no problem. The loss of 'quiet living' of 'personal' space and of honest self expression is one of the many underlying problems with the 'society' today as it is in the throes of decay and it is not at all by chance! It is by design and the 30 years of implementation have wrought exactly the fruitage intended by its designers.

So, what will you do? Help me grow thick skin? Call me fat? I am...you are speaking the truth. Is it your place to discuss my being fat? The whole of the US is a FREE SPEECH ZONE so have at it. That street runs both ways.

Juan Williams winds up scoring big on this in one way...he wound up with a contract making more money working more full time at a place he spent a part of each day anyway. Sadly, to get there his whole life has been the 'headline' one way or another everywhere, including here!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Is Someone Else Cueing up your Mind?

In the mad dash to 'level the playing field politics' currently in play, albeit in peril, people who watch Television or read Newspapers and Magazines or spend time perusing the myriad of op-ed blogs on the internet have been conditioned over time to envision certain iconic images whenever they hear certain words in a specific context. For instance, say the word Terror, what pops in your mind? Say the word 'terror' attack and 9/11 and what iconic image pops in your mind, the Twin Towers? Say the word 'terror' and Nightmare on Elm and likely the iconic image will be of Freddy Kruger. We fasten 'events' or impressive visuals to words which translate into images and we store them for contextual and cognitive access. This is no secret and it is one marketing firms have exploited for a very very long time!

Enters the cause based politician whose world view provides the context of all of his/her mental imagery and in an effort to garner acceptability and to propagate the cause beyond themselves they have learned the lessons of marketing and have fine tuned the art of mind manipulation, even so subtly those who believe themselves 'strong minded' and 'immune' to such nonsense fall prey to the masterful employment of a tried and true craft: Sleight of hand! Watch this hand...OH! DID YOU SEE THAT? The other hand produced a surprise as if out of thin air!! Wow, what a surprise.

Recently we have been given to much discussion, especially related to Ms. Obama, where words like 'obesity' and 'poverty' are linked together. It is no secret she and her husband believe everyone in the world should have everything they need regardless of any known impediment needed to get them. They have used terms like 'equality' and 'level playing field' to lock in our minds their message. So how exactly does that work?

Americans are known worldwide for their generosity. They have historically established a national compassion which is based on the individual manifestation of the same! So, when individual Americans hear things like the 'poverty level' has gone up, because most people have never experienced 'real' poverty in context iconic images like little children with bloated bellies lying about on dirty streets, or whole hospitals with children laying on cots with open oozing sores and flies crawling all over them are their reference images. They see other children who have hands cupped around small containers with white rice in them as their day's ration of food. America intellectually grasps what real poverty is because it has been being introduced into their consciousness via the television for decades. But that is the image of poverty and when we hear our national 'poverty level' has increased we start accessing the stored images we have contextually stored under 'poverty' in our mind's bank of files to perceive what is being said.

Then there is the 'obesity' problem in kids that keeps being introduced and reintroduced into our daily consciousness via television images of stranger's butts walking down the street overflowing their pants or waddling in a skirt, most of which are adult behinds in any case. That is actually a correct image of obesity. Yet, what a dichotomy to have the mind juggle 'obesity' which is always associated with eating too much, which is associated with having the means to feed yourself too much, with the horrid images of poverty -- also being discussed daily. Confuse the mind? First you say 'fat' then you say 'skinny' and then you say this is a epidemic in our nation and your mind is trying to juggle horrific images of children dying of malnutrition and opportunistic disease and butts falling out of pants and the first lady determined this is a problem needing aggressive intervention, and you have a society starting to just fall into lock step because it must be so!

STOP! Think! In 2003, 0.88 billionth of the world's population subsisted on $1.00 a day. That represents 13.6% of the world population in 2003. 48% of the world population subsisted on $2.50 a day. How much are you living on? Really? When you break down the cost of the roof over your head, the food and water you have access to, utilities, just the necessities, what is the per day cost? In our country, even those who exist on the streets in dire poverty, for America, manage to come in for a free meal, but it still costs someone to provide it? No way it can be broken down to $2.50 per day! The mental images we have of poverty really is poverty. America has difficult times and many are without the standard of living other may enjoy and that is where the manipulation begins to connect and move the people. Because American's feel such compassion for lessor fortunate people when they hear kids are going hungry they immediately think little kids with bloated tummies laying in cots with oozing sores and tons of flies. But is that really America's childhood reality? What public school in all of America does not offer 'poverty level' kids free breakfast and lunch? And is it a small container of white rice or is it a nutritious somewhat balanced meal? The kids are given ample opportunity to exercise and maintain the natural immunity their system produces from nutritious meals and regular exercise.

We must slow down and watch both hands! Just because we are fooled into thinking the kids of America live in inequality when it comes to basic needs doesn't mean it is the same level of destitution we see from other countries where it really exists. They have taken on a bold cause trying to reduce obesity while touting poverty simultaneously. But what comes from the message? Being on message with Ms. Obama now has 'choice' being modified. Where we could go and choose a container of regular cottage cheese, many stores no longer offer anything but reduced fat or fat free choices. Fast food chains are being asked to replace their popular food items with vegetables and fruits. This does nothing to change the behavior of the consumer but if you federally mandate it what it will do is reduce the choice in places to take your family for a meal. When you raise the taxes on items considered a source for obesity, such as soda, you reduce the choice of beverages until the beverage companies no longer exist. And people comply because? They have allowed their minds to be cued up by external stimuli such as television and newspapers and then fall right into formation making choices until one day when they begin to miss their favorite french fries or a guzzle of their favorite cola and they go to buy either only to find out neither are there to buy that it dawns on them they've been had! Freedoms were yanked right out from underneath them with their full consent conditioned like the frog in a pot of water quickly warming to a boil..felt good until it didn't.

Maybe you don't frequent fast food chains or drink sodas but you appreciate the 'freedom' to make that choice for yourself enough to understand others should have the freedom to choose for themselves to imbibe in a soda with fries.

Stand up! Don't be deceived by the agenda of the folks who wish to bring you the quality of life that looks like everyone wearing military green work clothes, living in apartments that look exactly the same and eating whatever is served by the government down at the community kitchen. A nation whose freedoms are daily being surreptitiously stolen by the current powers at be is only the latest in a long line of politicians who have used 'words' and 'images' married and stored in our mental filing cabinet to launch a long term assault on our individuality while trying to reign us in under the control of big government. If I were to say 'terror' in the context of 'Solient Green' would that move you to WAKE UP? It is a few minutes until we cross the line of 'no return' and YOU and others like you becoming politically savvy and coming of age in this time of crisis of consciousness stand just this side of extinction. Our parents gave us a better world than we are giving our kids. Is that right?

At every level of life, not just food, our choices are being modified without our conscious consent and to our nation's detriment. I hope my grand child will grow up in a world where they can choose to relish a dark chocolate fudge brownie ice cream cone from 31 Flavors or relish a shiny bright red ripened tomato from their own garden. It should be their choice as to what they want to feed their body and their mind. No one else should have the powerful authority to rip from their lives critical thinking and personal choice both of which are currently on our national endangered species list!

Vote November 2, 2010 to block the movement away from choice and into servitude!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Obama did not watch Beck's Restoring Honor Rally

Is it a big surprise that the US President, Barak Obama, would remark that he did not watch the 'Restoring Honor Rally', the biggest event at the Mall on 8/28/2010?

According to 'Nightly News' Mr. Obama said: "It’s not surprising that somebody like a Mr. Beck is able to stir up a certain portion of the country. That's been true throughout our history,”.

Not surprising someone is able to stir up certain portion of the country? Ya think?

Why would the President be interested in 'restoring honor'?

This past week we have witnessed a couple of points of DIShonor; here is one:

Why in the world would President Obama be interested in Restoring Honor? He might show an interest in honoring the dead and injured on that ship by not thwarting the trial for political purposes! These folks and their families they left behind, and indeed the nation, deserve to see justice meted out for the murder of our nation's sons in the persons of our military.

Mr. Beck's underlying theme for the rally was a nearly year long focus on Hope, Faith and Charity. While the rally's focal point was clearly on God, this rally was the culmination of an 18 month long message that started with the '912 Project' where Principles and Values were outlined and an invitation was made for people all across the nation to sit down and review them, adopt them, commit to them and then share them with neighbors. They were based in part on the Military code of HONOR.

How ironic that Mr. Beck's guest speaker, Sarah Palin, honored 3 soldiers at the rally just 48 hours after the announcement was made to halt prosecution of USS Cole bombing! Less than 24 hours later Mr. President said he did not watch the Rally. Did he 'just' miss the Rally? Or, did he miss the point.

Here is another point of dishonor:
How is this HONORING 'We The People' who in consistent polling shows 2 to 1 support for those states, like Arizona, who are making an effort to suppress the flood of illegal immigrants into the U.S. Honor would dictate the President lead by example in upholding the laws of this land especially, when not doing so undermines the efforts of those who do demonstrate respect for their fellow Americans and has resulted in kidnappings, murders and general mayhem to U.S. residents who live close to the southern border.

Actually, for this past year and half there have been many times when 'honor' should have been the leadership quality and character utmost in evidence by the President and administration but wound up being replaced instead by turning a willful eye to recreating the 'standard' of character with watered down [formerly called dumbing down] vernacular designed to misdirect the mind of the person who would ordinarily find the replacement ideology objectionable and unacceptable. Nowadays, honor is reclassified and the ideals one held before have been rezoned in our psyche to the extent that we are developing mental blurred vision. If we squint our mind's eye we can barely make out the familiarity of the kinds of honor that President John Kennedy was regaled for in the movie PT-109; or Audie Murphy stood for as the most decorated soldier of World War 2! Those of us raised right after that war -- the legendary time of the 'greatest generation' -- learned from our parents all about honor. A 'man's word' and his 'good name' were related to his honor. It meant something to possess a fine reputation. We had leaders for this country who from time to time have manifest exceptional honor. And some who have not, and today, one who WILL not!

The message to restore honor is resonating with many Americans because we understand and recognize the need to reverse the curse of 'me'ism'. Where is Mother Theresa today? She was honor. Where is Ghandi today? He was honor. Where is Dalai Lama today? NOT HONORED by this President. A truly peaceful and honorable man and our President closed the door to the White House and put out the 'do not disturb sign' to this man in October 2009. After the nation winced in a collective sigh of incredulity he finally agreed to meet with him in February of 2010 .

Shame on ALL OF US for allowing an America to develop which relegates all things to the realm of politics. When we would postpone justice until after an election because it might 'effect' the outcome; When we will grant permission to 5 states to not meet the deadline for absentee balloting for our military thus thwarting their voices in the representational government they are putting their lives on the line to protect; When we will release ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS already INCARCERATED back out onto the streets, into the neighborhoods onto the social systems of states that are already operating in the red in no small way because of the burden of costs associated with illegal immigrants, to effect an outcome at the ballot place; we have manifestly abandoned all evidence of honor. If our own men in uniform cannot depend on our word though they have fulfilled theirs, where is the honor? 17 dead and 39 injured military personnel deserve to be honored with justice! Tens of thousands deserve to vote! 1200 deserve to be at home working their real jobs and loving their families not stationed at an out of control border due to dishonorable management of it by the administration responsible.

Glenn Beck's timing is essential. The train is about to run out of track and we will all be in a fix soon if we don't put on the brakes of this forced re-creation of our nation by people without honor and without desire to hearken back to the kind of America where honor was 'the way of life' and respect was the consequence to its presence in our lives. This Restoring Honor campaign has touched many of us. It has been the eye drops that have removed the film that obstructed our vision from seeing even how we, ourselves, have forsaken honor.

The passionate discussion about the Ground Zero Mosque is a 'sign' of the return of Honor. Those who have stepped up and acknowledged there is no doubt a constitutional premise for this mosque to be built there but the 'honorable' thing is not to impose the religious practice of building a monument at a place where that religion believes they have made a conquest. Honoring the sensibilities of many Americans would be a demonstration of character.

It is too bad Mr. O did not catch the many demonstrations of Faith at the Restoring Honor Rally.

Perhaps the seed has been sown and as it is watered God will make it grow and we will once again be a people and nation that will attract men and women of honor from all sorts of countries seeking to live free rather than the crooks who seem to see America as a land of exploitation and not exploration!

Alas, it is clear. Those who voted for change got it. The honor we have now is referred to as 'honor among thieves'. Ironically, the attempt to abscond with honor nearly succeeded.

Will we freely sing this with honor in our hearts? "`Alleluia! the salvation, and the glory, and the honour, and the power, [is] to the Lord our God;" Rev 19:1 [Young's Literal Translation]

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pelosi * Ground Zero Mosque & the Word!

The 'Word' is, we must be punished!

Fantasy Island has a dark cloud hanging over it and Ms. Pelosi is not happy! She wants to know WHO is FUNDING the OPPOSITION to the Ground Zero Mosque!?!? :::::reaching into my pockets and turning them inside out:::::: Yep, must be me. I am broke, somebody took my money in order to finance opposition, no wait! Because I think it an insulting, ludicrous and ill advised idea, thus I oppose this abomination, I am the opposition!

Before today, I was opposed -- but quietly. You know, the quiet that when you hear something so wrong you have a little talk with yourself in your head and decide on the whys and wherefores that make it wrong and then you file it in your silent majority opinion file. But, today, Ms. Pelosi interjecting herself into my RIGHT to speak my mind has caused me to get it out of my head and out into public domain. I OPPOSE THIS and NO FREAKING BODY IS FUNDING MY OPPOSITION...I am of sound mind and self will and I OPPOSE THIS! Got the WORD yet?

Why do I oppose it? Because I don't approve of anyone coming to my country, slaughtering my fellow American's, and then erecting a trophy on the mantle of the killing field! It is not about their religion or their right to practice it. It is not because they are coincidentally of the same religious affiliation that when radicalized has focused malicious intent against my country. It is because it offends the sensibilities of Americans and it imposes an attribute of arrogance over our sensibilities. If you don't like America the way we are LEAVE ALREADY! No one put a gun to your heads and forced you to immigrate to this country. You are free to return to your culture any time you wish. Just stop trying to change ours.

As for Nonsense Pelosi, November 2nd can't get here soon enough. It will be sweet victory to know that your days are numbered as house speaker. You will be moved out of that very important office and your finger wagging, name calling, chiding and impudent manner will be out of the public eye, yet again. Relegated to just another representative from California, you will no longer wield the power to belittle the fine citizens of this great nation. By the way, I am sure the countries where the Mosque and Islam religion is the ONLY church you will see would welcome you with opened arms to their little close nit family. You will have to get used to sitting down and shutting up unless spoken to; dressing more modestly; wearing a head scarf at least and a burkha at most as a sign of your lack of standing. You being the wrong gender and all. Hold an office where you can wag your finger at a man? Oh, please, try it there.

Lady, you have stepped way over the line and are seriously standing on the last nerve of the people of this country.

Hear me really well...read my lips...I OPPOSE THE MOSQUE BEING BUILT NEXT TO GROUND ZERO. And NO ONE IS FUNDING ME. I just opened my mouth and said it..then I sat down and wrote it here. I paid for this site!

That's my opinion and I am sticking with it.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Are we finished with the RACE CARD YET?

Here it is, Sunday, and the past couple of weeks we have been inundated with blasts of heat from the 'post racial' gang about race! At the end of the week we find out there was, or is, a concerted effort from some who consider themselves 'liberal' and 'progressive' to 'play the race card' when one wants to obfuscate an issue. Now, mind you, the English language is a lot of fun to play with, like 'LIBERAL'. There are a few choice ways one can use the word liberal. Liberal means copious amounts...for instance when you are supposed to baste a bird you are to be liberal with the amount of basting. And 'PROGRESSIVE' has equal many ways to use it.

Now consider this:
With the release of discussions back and forth on the JournoLIST site, now defunct because of exposure, it was a concentrated and concerted decision for some in the 'media' business to deflect interest from a serious set of associates for then candidate Barack Obama, like his minister, by putting the report of Mr. Wright's theological sermons and his closeness to the Obama couple and the expose' of this coupling of friends into the context of 'race'. Because some reported on this volatile association some in the 'liberal progressive' media began their 'race' campaign. We have been bombarded with this strategy over and over again until most in America are wondering what happened to our peaceful and united citizenry! It wasn't until this past week we found out it was actually a PLOT to pull out the old standby Race Card that puts everyone in a place of discomfort. It has backfired on those who promoted this idea BIG TIME. How?

Well, first of all, in reality. Since the narrative from the liberal progressive left is that America has had a long history of not liking people of color, specifically black individuals it is time for a tad bit of a reality check. In my life I have been a fan [sometimes way more than I should] of some of these: Diana Ross & the Supremes; The Four Tops, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Stevie Wonder [even naming my daughter partly from one of his songs], Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, Sidney Poitier, Bill Cosby, Greg Morris, Nicole Nichols, Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith and many more. I don't do sports but come on, who in America can deny the long time love affair with celebs from the Football and Basketball sports fields? My life has been so blessed and surrounded by the beautiful talent of these folks that it would not be the same without them. Yet, when I listen, watch, read or discuss these same individuals it is not to see them as 'black' but to see them as PEOPLE! Just like everyone else but exceptionally talented...in comparison to myself!

Now with that out of the way, to the repugnant charge 'white' America is 'anti-black' or 'anti-people of color', let's get real. Are there ignorant people who not only possess but practice bigotry and is that bigotry sometimes directed towards people of color? Absolutely! But there is a segment of society that also is ignorant and bigoted with regards to anything that is not 'traditional' or 'acceptable' to their world view, including religion, more specifically, even against different Christian denominations. Are they the 'majority' no way. Do they even amount to enough they should get noticed other than as a concession ignorance is alive and living even in America!

Does playing the Race Card advantage anyone? Especially those in America who go about their daily business enjoying living in this country many of whom are people of color? Only the political movement that may be trying to foster a special agenda which runs counter to the wishes of the majority of Americans, including all people of color. Have we seen this before? YES, YES, YES! Back in the '60's we were being faced with a couple of big movements: Anti-war, Anti-establishment and the Race issues! We had demonstrations on campuses all over the U.S. against the Viet Nam war, Love Ins that showed the previous generation the social mores of their time were being changed and it was 'in their face' change. We also had a campaign by one group of strong militant young black people while at the same time faced with peaceful demonstrations for equal rights led primarily by a minister whose name is synonymous with peace and love, Martin Luther King. Unfortunately, as a teen from that time, I can tell you I confused the one with the other, or more to the point, I saw the violence of the one and superimposed and coupled it with the demonstrations of the other and classed them all as dangerous, not in message so much as in aim. With maturity I was able to divorce the RIGHTS and purposes of Mr. King -- whose message was not to call people to war with each other but to embrace -- from the message of Malcolm X, or the original Black Panther group and others from that time. Even murderer Charles Manson had the black vs white conflict of the time as a strong under current to his maniacal life.

Today, it is a matter of disgust to most Americans to see or be personally aware of any sort of discrimination. We point it up and deal with it when we witness it and we consider it a matter of national pride to do so!

Will this latest move by the 'alternate reality' folk, the mass cry of RACIAL unrest that the media is trying to develop and move along, last? Or, lead to another summer like those of many of the mid and later part of the '60's and early '70's? Not if we don't allow it. We must minimize it in our lives and not let provocative images and statements stir our outrage. Taking the high road is the essential now. We lose only if we let masterful manipulation move us from the place we have been comfortable for a few decades now, life without division, without segregation, without noticing color because we dislike it but because it's diversity enhances our lives!

Shame on EVERYONE who has promulgated this lame and divisive narrative. Shame on those who plotted to make it so in the media community. Shame on the President and his staff that they would make such a public issue out of a media incident and SHAME on the the same for using this instance as an opportunity to further the RACE NARRATIVE!

The one thing I figure will come from all of this is the 'DISGUST' that most Americans will feel from being assaulted in this way will be to begin to push back with counter media, via such places as blogs like this, and with a vote which replaces those who would ride on this sort of dangerous narrative in any way! So, those of you who want to be voted out please feel free to be as 'liberal' as you like, really baste the voting public with as much of your nonsense as you wish. We will remember your name at the polls when we vote for your opponents, doesn't matter what party you or they are, it is ABY! [anyone but you]

This has become boring to most of us because it is nonsense.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Jan Brewer: One Feisty Lady!

In case you haven't had a chance to watch this, I thought I would post this here. [the actual youtube video of the commercial] I am just disgusted with the way the security needs of Arizonans are being trifled with as each day passes.

We have crisis after crisis, all of which have solutions, but none of which are being resolved. Could it be purposed this way?

Something as simple in 'theory' as border security. It is fairly scary to think third world countries have better border security than does the 'mighty' U.S.A! 524 National Guard troops for a whole 120 days for Arizona. Really, Mr. President? Really, Dir. of HOMELAND SECURITY Napolitano?

Over a little east of Arizona, in the Gulf of Mexico a growing oily nightmare is undulating towards pristine beaches while wiping out eco systems and wildlife in its path. All the while a huge skimmer with impressive equipment sits in the docks of Virginia that could make a significant difference in the Gulf in terms of clean up. But the pesky 1920 law, known as the Jones Act, prevents it from leaving the docks to head over and start cleaning up. It is a Taiwan Flagged skimmer.

Desperate to protect Alabamans, the governor of Alabama secures the 200 miles of his coastline first with huge booms, 7 meters high and weighing tons; they are ripped up by the coast guard and moved to Louisiana. Then, Alabamans bring in snare booms to catch the oil before it washes up on shore. They are foiled by the Fish & Game folks. Lastly, they hire 400 people to patrol their beaches scooping up oil, and OSHA shuts them down saying they could only work 20 minutes out of each hour and no more than 40 minutes in 2 hours! [see dickmorris.com for detail] These incidents are becoming common place. The Barakracy that is this administration has become so frustrating and inhibiting when it comes to innovative ways to stop or clean up the spill, stifling the initiative of thousands whose livelihoods, culture and homes are being threatened. Then there is helpless wildlife falling victim!

The president is preaching 'stimulus' to countries who are no longer able to sustain their own governments instead of being fiscally responsible. His prognosis for the patient known as the US Economy is to leave the gaping wound open and pulsing life blood out while continuing to pump blood replacement in through the heart! Doesn't work.

Jobs: In April of 2009 we all thought the big stimulus package was going to put people back to work and right the messed up economy but here we are 14 months later and hearing that most of the jobs lost are simply gone forever! OOPS!

Treasury Secretary, Tim Geitner declares: "I think the world understands now that growth in the future around the world cannot depend as much on the United States as it did in the past." Really? Why do you suppose this is?

All these crisis, daily growing in disastrous proportions, BUT, not to worry! The senate agreed to give the President the power to shut down the internet for up to 4 months at a time! There you have it folks!!! Imagine, if it becomes law, how many months is it until November exactly? If the internet is shut down the INFORMATION HIGHWAY would no longer be a problem for this administration! Let's face it, with all these bloggers, the news folks, this president is stuck between a hard place and a rock under 24/7 scrutiny and having to adjust his daily policy on the whim of the majority du jour!

It is thoroughly disgusting! First part of his reign had our heads spinning as he announced he would close Gitmo by year's end; that he would allow the CIA and prosecutors to be tried for their part in alleged torture of the bad guys; that he changed the terminology from War on Terror to 'man made conflict' and spent a week and a half traveling the middle east apologizing for what he perceived as America misbehaving for the past 8 years. As if he were a parent and making a huge apology to the school authorities for his child's acting out. We braced ourselves as the Congress passed Cap and Trade and then the focus shifted to a rush to pass Obamacare! We began this year with a reaffirmation of many of the same topics in his State of the Union speech but as the year has progressed many begin to suffer from PTSD as we are hit day after day with one crisis, one foolish mistake, one act of Chicago Style politics after another. I feel like I should go on an apology tour and ask the world to forgive my President for embarrassing them and us with his attempt to 'fundamentally transform' America!

Enough already! It is bad enough so many of the folks in this country have hit upon hard times. There is not much security in their lives. Some have family and friends they are saying good bye to for the last time as they head over to Afghanistan for a 2nd or 3rd tour only to become a casualty. We have murder and mayhem in one of our border states that has robbed many of all sense of safety and security, and they live in a 'mighty nation'. Now untold destruction of the ocean, the teeming life in the ocean, the coast line and the people who will be adversely affected for years by this. Not to be forgotten those who were killed and injured in the initial explosion. This is just too much for the folks of this nation to endure all at once with NO credible assurance from the President or his administration that even a single one of these can be alleviated! Actually, you are hearing, Jobs? Gone forever! Border Security? Not until we get Immigration reform! War over in 2011? We'll be transitioning as is practical based on the assessment of the military. Oil spill clean up? What do you want me to do, suck it up in a straw? Hope and change 'who' can believe in? Promise everything; deliver on nothing.

November 2, 2010 seems likely to be the way Americans can pick themselves up by their boot straps, vote in the REAL CHANGE and then buckle down for the ride back to normalcy. There are many things that need reversed, overturned, fixed. Until then, GOD bless America! We surely need it!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BP, Feds New Bailout Patsy

It's official!
British Petroleum is now the official banker for the Obama administration's 6 month moratorium on off shore drilling! Yep, the Obama administration made a federal decision to halt all offshore drilling, effectively shutting down some 30 plus drill sites and just as effectively putting tens of thousands of employees out of a job at least for the period of the moratorium. So now the new Bailout Patsy, bp will be anteing up the money to support those out of work during the moratorium, at least to the tune of $100, 000, 000.00!

It's one thing to hold the company responsible for the death and injuries of its employees as a result of the explosion. It is also expected and understandable to hold them responsible for the clean up costs, the recovery costs and the losses incurred due to the explosion and subsequent gushing well! Making them squirrel away $20B in an escrow account to be overseen and monitored by an 'independent third party' who just happens to be serving the US Gov, at least for a little while longer, is hardly an 'independent' third party. And this guy was also involved in the disbursements of the 'after 9-11' costs! [More on that red flag later.]

In addition to the 20 billion escrow and the 100 million moratorium associated costs there is also the reference to the folks there having a hard time since Katrina and Rita...as if that is also bp's fault! The economy stinks because it stinks. Recovery has been slow, even absent the disasters of Katrina and Rita. This incident is surely going to have long term consequences but reach back and pull in hurricane recovery and manipulate Americans into seeing all of this as some how due them by bp is wrong! The moratorium is Obama's administration's doing. It is a knee jerk response, and many believe a political one, to this event. While bp's explosion and subsequent disaster was the precipitous factor in the moratorium bp had nothing to do with the decision to enforce the moratorium. Why are they being made to pay? Political equity!!! That's it.

About the independent third party doling out of dollars...mark my words...look at the date of this blog entry...I venture in 2 or 3 months, maybe even longer, we will be hearing of accounts of people who had been getting payments from bp but once the government's 'independent third party' took responsibility the disbursements are not forthcoming! Do we need a replay of how miserably the funds were disbursed after 9-11?

All in all, on the President's comments after his meeting with the bp folks, I heard NADA about what is being done to 'clean it all up'! He still hasn't addressed why he has not suspended the Jones Act; or, why he has not taken the Dutch up on their offer to assist? The precedent exists.

Yes, there needs to be an accounting. The why's, the how's and the when's. Yes, bp and their associated partners bear absolute culpability for this incident, at this time. But, as we see the economy continue to sink, as we see jobs lost that are even remotely related to the Gulf region, will British Petroleum now be the new China writing checks to bail out America [with out the pay back factor?] with every nuance that something may be related? Do I get to send a request to bp for damages because the price of oil is sure to go up and due to my own unemployment the hardship of the additional costs is something I should not have to bear? Where does it all stop? When do we stop gutting private business? When do we stop the blood letting of corporations simply because they have money? When do we begin to live within our own means, understand in order for people to get back to work, for the economy to be revved back to life we need to stop rendering the life's blood of this country anemic?

bp is a multi national corporation. When we eviscerate them and render them incapable of paying the bill who then will pick up the tab? What is the 'administrative' fee going to be for the 'independent third party' to dole out monies? What legal language is in place to assure ALL the money goes to those who will need it and not just to pay back the coffers of ill spent federal monies? The president said they took steps to set up this fund, including all the LEGAL steps, to make sure the people who need the money get it.

No doubt, this is an horrific event, an incomparable crisis and will destroy much before it assimilated by mother nature. There is accountability. bp so far is willing to step up and do their part. Let it be minus the Chicago style tactics, let it be without alienating allies, let it be apolitical and let it bring all things back to a balance as soon as possible.

These are my thoughts...what say you?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Charles Djou wins Congressional seat Hawaii!

Congratulations to Charles Djou and his campaign for successfully rooting out a staunchly democratic seat!

The Honolulu Paper, Star Bulletin reports:

This is a momentous day,” Djou told a jubilant crowd at state party headquarters. “We have sent a message to the United States Congress. We have sent a message to the ex-governors. We have sent a message to the national Democrats! We have sent a message to the machine.

“We have told them that we will not stand idly by as our great nation is overburdened by too much taxes, too much debt and too much wasteful spending.”

This seat was vacated by Neil Abercrombie whose voting record as one of two Hawaii Representatives was definitely party line with his last monumental vote being 'yes' on the Congressional 'Cap n Tax' bill H.R. 2454, passed in July 2009. It is expected Congressman elect Djou will vote down conservative lines. His win is phenomenal in a state where the Republican Governor has taken serious heat over some of her fiscal decisions, 'Furlough Friday' being the most discussed by residents of the state.

Though the win is an interim win and clearly his record between now and the election to fill this seat for an entire term will be his campaign platform, his election is not only about a dysfunctional local democratic party, it is also a referendum on Obama's administration. Charles Djou just ripped a seat from the majority party in the Congress right out from under Obama's alleged home state! A state that overwhelming voted for him for President just 18 months ago! How quickly the tide has changed. There is some hope this state will elect yet another candidate to replace Mazie Hirono and her liberal voting record with a candidate whose fiscal and national security platforms seem more in line with the majority of Americans! Watch Ramsay Pualani Wharton as she manages her campaign. www.ramsay2010.com

Liberty may prevail as one incumbent after another falls to the will of the people; a people who comprise the government 'for the people, by the people and of the people'!

The primaries are only the beginning. The general election in November is the key! It would be so great to see 2 new conservatives sitting in Congress representing the fine people of Hawaii!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Little this; Little that!

Thought I would share my thoughts on a couple of current events which make no sense to me.

Franklin Graham/Dissedinvited

I am no fan of any particular minister, preacher or alleged man of the cloth. I think they are fairly equal opportunity purveyors of their wares. Some actually do great charitable work; others not so much. Be that as it may, about the Pentagon and the flip flop invitation to Franklin Graham for the National Day of Prayer: just because some insignificant unfamiliar group grumbled that he had made some statement about the Islam religion that was taken by some as offensive. Okay, and? Speaking of offensive, most Americans, of all religions, and of no religion were offended on 9/11. Thereafter, we were offended when Spain and London had their own event. We were offended to see women being forced to kneel in stadiums and beheaded by the 'MORALITY POLICE' in Afghanistan. Offended indeed! Yet, the single common denominator to all of these events is the radical segment of Islam, or so they say. Haven't noticed a huge outcry from the American community of Muslims renouncing such notions. Find that offensive as well.

One more thing offensive is some obscure group can write a letter to the Pentagon and belly ache about Mr. Graham's comments and the government immediately bows to their complaint. So, who is representing the Christian Faith at the Pentagon that day?

Mr. Graham has a son in Afghanistan who is giving of his own life to serve this country. I should think since most of the troops serving in Muslim countries fighting wars against dangerous radicals of the Islam faith are Christian in faith and Reverend Franklin Graham would represent and lead them in his prayer that day. As I said, I am no fan of the man but I believe wholly that the CHRISTIAN troops fighting for our freedoms in 2 wars have a right to be represented by a man of their faith.

About Illegal Non Citizens:

How many illegal individuals do you suppose were among the 50 thousand who marched in Los Angeles; 20 thousand who marched in Dallas and the other groups who marched elsewhere? They enjoyed the 1st amendment right guaranteed by the Constitution for 'citizens' of this country to gather in peaceful assembly. I will give them that...most of them were peaceful. Just curious, how do you think Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and Iran's Ahmadinawhatever would have handled large crowds who were demonstrating against those country's immigration laws? Oh, wait...just their own citizens gathered in protest to an illegal election in Iran got those LEGAL citizens shot at, beat up, arrested and sprayed with lye from hovering helicopters. Yet, the crowds gathered about AZ's controversial law were accorded the freedom to speak their minds in protest! Suppose that is why they are here? Because the US honors the inalienable rights of her citizens? Why not come here legally, not as a burden to the country? Work, live and love as a legal citizen? Why are you fleeing Mexico? Why not stay and change your own country? Here is a quandry: What if the US sent troops to Mexico, all the way into Mexico to 'occupy' the country? How many of the folks who are here illegally would immediately return to take as stand for their country? As well they should! Divided loyalties, perhaps?

Return home, come into the country the right way, legally. All of America has NO PROBLEM with that. Then, doesn't matter if AZ has a bill 1070 because you would be here legally.

About the Kook from Iran:

Why was he here? Who in this country allowed this wing nut to come here? It is time someone at the government level begins to understand THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is not a door mat! 'Bring the huddled masses to us' does not mean to walk all over us, spit upon us, threaten us and insult us. How much air time do you think anyone from the US would get if they went to Iran and started speaking of Iran as Satan with sulfur wafting up, or engaged in demagoguery with the license this guy does? Right, NONE! In fact, the person would likely be arrested for spying or some trumped up charge. Yet, here we are, again, having to see his face on television mouthing off and condemning the US. ENOUGH ALREADY. I loved former UN Ambassador John Bolton's thoughts tonight: "The strong words mean nothing to these people." Further, he contended Hillary's remarks were more for political purposes and not to effect some resolution. Hillary and Bill live in NY. Suppose the coordinates for NY are in the cross hairs of Iran's long range nuclear missiles? Think her strong words will matter then? Just down the road a tad is the White House...think it will matter to them that those 'strong words' were used? The innocent lives that will be lost if one of those missiles gets off while this government dances with the Madman of Iran will be the legacy of the 'apology diplomacy'. The words of a song come to mind: "Who's sorry now?"

The Oil Spill:

What a sad sad situation! So much life will be lost because of this. Who knows if this was a freak accident or negligence right now. Frankly who is responsible is not now relevant to getting a grip on the escaping crude decimating our ocean and its teeming life. Further, the serious impact upon those communities who have the crude wash ashore is incalculable. The responsible party is alleging to be stepping up to bear all responsibility. My question, though this company is headquartered in Europe, will they be too big to fail? Will their cost soar so high they will ask for a bail out? Seriously! I am not being facetious here. The company should be paying for all the government resources that must be used to assist in getting this under control. But will they?

Will this become the crisis necessary to just slam Cap n Tax through...it's about the environment you know...It is a huge sad event with unspeakable consequences. It needs to be dealt with and then dealt with. But in no way should the folks of this country be subject to extra taxation for clean up; or threat of extreme EPA regulations that stifles our independence from foreign oil. It should not be seized upon as a crisis to manipulate politically for gain for either party.

The news scene is alive with so many hot stories right now...and then there is yet another DUDley bomber! Oh, the current news story is this Dudster is of Pakistan origin...hmmm...what is the dominant religion there? The Dudster tried to detonate in New York...that is not offensive at all! So, explain to me again please, the rationale behind forbidding a Christian minister who has spoken TRUTH about the radical branch of Islam, to be included in the National Prayer Day events at the Pentagon? I AM OFFENDED! I was born here. My parents were born here. Their parents were born here. Their parents were born here! Why should my family's long lived culture and religious preference be singled out and denied especially with the Veterans who comprise our family tree!

I deplore the 'fundamental transformation' with all that is me! I did not vote for this and I shall vote against its continuance on Nov 2.

That's my opinion and I am sticking to it...how 'bout yours?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

National Guard to Chicago? R U Kidding me?

So, people are up in arms about Jan Brewer signing bill 1070 authorizing the police to verify legal status of the folks in the state of Arizona. Really! Imagine, the police enforcing law.

Yet, Chicago politicians want the National Guard to roll into town and 'enforce' the law because of the increase in violent crime. Can we spell P O S S E C O M I T A T U S?

Yes, according to the 'Chicago Tribune'. The article says: "Chicago Democrats John Fritchey and LaShawn Ford said they want Quinn, Mayor Richard Daley and Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis to allow guardsmen to patrol streets and help quell violence. Weis said he did not support the idea because the military and police operate under different rules.

"Is this a drastic call to action? Of course it is," Fritchey said. "Is it warranted when we are losing residents to gun violence at such an alarming rate? Without question. We are not talking about rolling tanks down the street or having armed guards on each corner."

What he envisions, Fritchey said, is a "heightened presence on the streets," particularly on the roughly 9 percent of city blocks where most of the city's violent crimes occur."

Color me confused, but how does one have 'heightened presence on the streets' without there being armed guards on each corner?

Is this the same Chicago the President flew to Copenhagen to sell for the Olympic site?

What does the Police Superintendent have to say about this? "Alluding to the 1970 Kent State University incident where the National Guard was called in and protestors and students were shot, Weis said having guardsmen handle crime could be "disastrous." But he said if the Daley suggested it, he would consider the option.

"I'm open to anything that reduces violence. But I have concerns when you mix law enforcement and the military," Weis said." Ya think?

I was thinking the other day when AZ passed their law, will they wind up with the Nat'l Guard protecting the borders, which is supposed to be the Border Patrol's job, or will they just have the police do it all! Of course I'd not want to be a police person in a state with such a law and the increased kidnapping, murder and mayhem that has become AZ's reality, but until the turf war is finally decided, turf being...who is on first when it comes to enforcement of immigration laws, I guess the police will have the job.

Chicago is no stranger to gangland violence. It has quite a rich history [pun intended] with notorious gangsters from several eras who have used Chicago for their pistol practice and other sordid gangland activities/proclivities. I think the last time the 'crime level' was addressed in this area was when they sent in a Federal Law Enforcement agent in the person of Eliot Ness! Alas, those were the days.

There is no doubt, with the economy where it is, housing where it is, two wars going on for a decade, a government that seems bent on keeping the country off kilter never knowing what to expect next -- how much of their lives will be the next pound of flesh, times are tough. But is it practical to break the Posse Comitatus act to address crime?

This could escalate into a crisis with 'martial law'. What an incredible precedent to set. Oh wait! It was set back in 1970 at Kent University, as noted in the article!

We need to keep our eyes open to the insidious way this incident or another event or activity, all needing the National Guard or the Military to fix instead of law enforcement, lays the ground for routine use of soldiers with weapons walking the street, and curfews in place to force people to be in their homes by a certain time. It is more than a slippery slope. It is the pathway to a national nightmare where our military may be expected to marshall the citizens of this country.

Why hasn't anyone thought of organizing volunteer militias? Remember in the western movies and shows when the Sheriff would deputize a posse to clean up the town? It is provided for in the 2 amendment. Here it is: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Let's not press the martial law button. To the lawmakers of Chicago, why not think in terms of the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Work within the guidelines of the existing UBER law of the land and remember the Posse Comitatus act.

That's my opinion. What's yours?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tea Party. Say what? Confessions of Housewife

I chose this picture because it perfectly catches my sense of consternation. I loved Samantha Stevens as a housewife! I loved that she was 'bewitching'. And her face says it all in this photo!

I am a 59 year old housewife, married for 43 years next month. Last April 15th, 2009, after only 3 months of watching what the new administration was up to I decided to attend my first 'protest' as a novice activist. I attended the Honolulu Tea Party! WOW! What an exhilarating and awesome experience. Not only were there great people carrying creative signs but the folks driving by in city buses, fire trucks, police cars, delivery trucks, cars, all honking and waving. I saw toddlers in their strollers and seniors in their wheel chairs. I saw a couple of kids around 8 years old drawing pictures that represented what they were seeing. I saw young teens and older adults dressed up in costumes that made a statement, mostly period pieces from the 17th century. I saw people laughing, sharing and enjoying their right to 'PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY'.

On September 12th, 2009, I attended another such protest in Hilo. This time I was even quoted in the local paper!!! Again, I saw all ages, all walks of life, many ages, holding clever signs and waving flags. This time motorcycle groups revved their Harley engines and waved at us, motorists honked in support and one little old lady yelled obscenities from her car. All enjoying their 'PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY'.

I missed this year's tax day event because I was participating in another new found civic responsibility, that of attending our local County Council meetings, especially when discussing important issues, even testifying when I feel so moved.

I diligently watch the national news and find the terms being used to describe me and those who have gathered at the protests I have been at by mighty unkind and very maligning untruths!

"Bowel Movement", really? Neo Nazi, really? Racist, really? Terrorist, really? I listen to the folks that do not come to the protests and have no idea who is there describe the folks who are wondering if they are living in a parallel universe somewhere where Alice in Wonderland sort of stuff happens..what is, is not and what is not, is?

I own no weapon; I bear no ill will; I abhor racism; I totally despise confrontation; I do not 'learn war'; I do not hate America; am not a seditionist nor a conspiracy theorist; and yet if you listen to what is being said about the growing phenomenon that has been called the 'Tea Party Movement' you'd think you'd be able to point me out in a crowd by the multiple assault weapons, hateful signs and horns sticking out of my head! Nope, not me. No amount of saying it will make it so. I will however exercise my 'freedom of speech' and engage in 'peaceful assembly' and talk 'freely about my God' while I remind anyone who wants to listen that our Constitutional government is under siege and being held hostage by those who have fully exploited their power by legislating their will, their beliefs and their rules over everyone -- denying each of us our right to choose. EXAMPLE: The recent passage of National Healthcare was the most autocratic move to date.

Unlike Samantha Stevens, I cannot twitch my nose and make it all right. I have to be patient, grow in knowledge on how things are SUPPOSED to be done and work within my freedoms and those parameters to correct what I can. Malicious intent is being impugned on those of us who dare to actually 'live the constitutional life' yet the sorts of things being said and done clearly evince from whence the malice emanates.

I lay my head down each night and as I begin my good night discussion with my Father, I contemplate what is going on here and then I let my mind wander around to places where freedom does not exist in any form; where it is a struggle to draw the next breath, or the pain of life is screaming aloud from the center of every cell in a body, and I realize, God must surely be patient and loving as HE watches us pick fights with one another. While we play the whole 'sticks and stones' game. We each ought to be unabashedly ashamed of ourselves for being so involved in tearing down the many blessings inherent in our beautiful REPUBLIC as it was CONSTITUTED and using the opportunity -- while you rip down the structure of our historic home -- to throw pieces of it at others. What will you leave us with? Green fatigues and caps? No, I don't think so...not for me...I will defy a cookie cutter world of boring by wearing bright colors and independence as my garb...even while I vacuum and clean house!

What is the price of tea in China?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Posse Comitatus Work Around? I don't think so!

What in the world is the US Border Patrol and Military up to?

According to http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/state/Mexican_military_helicopter_seen_over_US_home.html some time earlier this week a Navy Helicopter from Mexico entered our nation across the Rio Grande River into Sovereign US soil! The article says: "The Zapata County sheriff Thursday was questioning why a Mexican military helicopter was hovering over homes on the Texas side of the Rio Grande." Also according to this article: "Gonzalez, the Zapata sheriff, said he couldn't confirm reports that the helicopter was scoping out the home of a drug criminal. He said the incursion about a mile over the border took place over a neighborhood populated by many U.S. Customs officers who work at area border crossings — and that they knew what they were seeing.

My understanding is the U.S. military were informed,” he said. “I don't know what action was taken, if any.”"

Is this the way the US Government side steps Posse Comitatus? If we cannot use our own military to 'police' crime we will allow foreign governments to do so? I don't think so!

This article is just breaking on Drudge Report right now and will likely be picked up and discussed through the day and week end. This writer wonders though will the obviation of our own Posse Comitatus Act be lost in the discussion because of the 'Drug Cartel Crisis' on the border? Will we see further erosion of our 'RIGHTS' while everyone looks the other way?

With the push for Gun Control at a local, national and U.N. level, [the U.N. bid would be the global monster step which would render our 2nd amendment rights moot] the apathetic CITIZEN of this country who 'just goes along with stuff because it sounds good' may be left at the hands of foreign military agencies as possible law enforcement!

This is a slimy path we are slipping down with fewer and fewer handholds to prevent total loss of our sovereignty. Please do not let this 'crisis' be the one the government uses to come in an mow over us. Bang the drums and let your representative governmental leaders know "this is not okay!" Foreign military incursion into our air space, above our soil is not acceptable in the losing battle against drugs. It is a crack in our veneer that will be exploited.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where will Canadians go after Obamacare?

What a fine how-do-you-do on this day only 48 hours away from the big 'Summit' between the Republicans and Obama in his 'televised' 'bipartisan' healthcare PR opportunity!

Have you seen this article? http://www.canada.com/Premier+Danny+Williams+surgery/2521522/story.html

How about this one? http://www.google.com/hostednews/canadianpress/article/ALeqM5h0QC7bditrEb3wYz_6_b-gsGGDxA

Premiere Danny Williams is quoted as having said: "I did not sign away my right to get the best possible health care for myself when I entered politics." according to the article in Canadian Press.

What ever will Canadians do when the Obamacare program 'pales' in comparison to the Canadian system? Fly to India? Seriously?!

It is great the Premiere could not only afford to come here and do this procedure out of pocket, [though he hopes to make a claim for whatever reimbursements he may be due] but that he was able to receive 'advice' from those he values to suggest he need not undergo a procedure that would involve breaking bones in his chest. Great that there are cardiologists here in the US who can perform less invasive procedures with the same quality outcome. BUT FOR HOW MUCH LONGER?

This valid argument aside -- that many in this country cannot even afford such medical services/treatment for a plethora of reasons -- the fact that there is still the opportunity to have a CHOICE, were the circumstances present to avail yourself of them, is the salient point. The landscape that attracted Premiere Williams from Canada will likely be very different than the landscape post Obamacare. Where the beautiful field of many colors and flora were will stand blight if not outright destruction. Where specialty trees provided specific remedy, deforestation will likely leave scorched land. Where a bouquet of 'choice' colors and smells could be gathered individually, there will likely be weeds with forbidding thorns. All in all, the 'months' of waiting facing Premiere Williams had he not taken his health into his own hands, will become our reality.

If this is not an obvious and huge red flag for everyone, what is?

Mr. President, remember, the same health care system you leave behind will eventually become yours and your children's lot in life, or death, depending on the 'time' the illness has to wait before treatment. Yes, we understand as president TODAY you have optimum healthcare, but as the years go by and your kids grow up and your socialized medicine has rooted deeply, they will pay for your vision, like every other child and grandchild born to adults of this day! For someone who has a history of cigarettes, hamburgers and fries, your healthcare may come back to bite!

So grateful this news has once again resurfaced, and yes, obviously it is most opportune -- given the big Pow-Wow of the 25th!

2010 and 2012 are key years! Whatever these people put into motion there must be those who are willing to put it in neutral, slow it down and bring it to its inevitable halt to step up and be elected. Nationalized healthcare is not Constitutional and has no business being the business of the ever expanding national government!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

CPAC and Glenn Beck

[Photo grabbed from ustream.tv video.] http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/4881432

Listening to snippets from some of the guest speakers at this year's CPAC was mortifying! Rather than a humble and grateful party, eager to roll up their sleeves and get to work and make it right, it was like deja vu! I thought I was watching the arrogance of the Obama party, after elections, feeling empowered with the 'mandate' of the people wanting CHANGE! The AUDACITY! Wow!...fresh from the win in Massachusetts, the LOSERS in 2008 -- the Republican party -- have themselves ARROGANTLY trotted out on to the stage and instead of talking about issues, CHANGE, chose pot shots at the Obama Administration; made ludicrous remarks; and behaved with absolutely NO CLASS! Felt like screaming 'Sit down and Shut up!'

Come on! What is it, some 'cone of silence' that surrounds these people in Washington they just don't hear the people? It is not about Obama bashing it is about FIXING what is broken and getting this country back on an even keel -- and doing it quickly. It was an abomination and embarrassment to hear the counter productive things said while not hearing the 'way forward' being laid out. America has awakened; they are no longer trusting; they know what needs to be done and
it is not bickering and name calling. It is rolling up the sleeves and making the hard decisions: fixing the mess that has become us.

Watching Glenn Beck's keynote address was a great beginning. It was encouraging to hear him take the time to really say it like it is to the Republicans without nary a word about the Dems. YES! As his speech moved along, it was curious to think if the fervor that was evident in the room would leave that building and return to work. Will it be there on Wednesday next when they meet to 'discuss' things -- with the Blackboard? Will they retain the salient points of Glenn's speech or merely reminisce about the great speech and get back down to the same oh same oh?

A single victory does not a party ex-sponge! Scott Brown has already begun to say he will be the 41st voice sometimes and the 60th others. Hope he chooses his battles wisely.

What is surprising was the poll taken for the best candidate for president... Following is the top contenders:

2010 CPAC Straw Poll Results
Ron Paul 31%
Mitt Romney 22%
Sarah Palin 7%
Tim Pawlenty 6%
Mike Pence 5%
Newt Gingrich 4%
Mike Huckabee 4%

The preferred leading candidate is Constitutional, limited government, largely Libertarian, Ron Paul! Who'd have thought it? And while Glenn did not reference Ron Paul specifically, when you take the context of his speech and match up to the one on the political scene most likely to embody the ideas, it is Ron Paul! It will be very interesting to watch the RNC deal with poll results. Looks like Sarah, Tim, Newt and both Mikes have a bit of work to even catch up with the top two. Romney's comments slighting the current administration were beneath him. I have to agree with a statement Bill O'Reilly made on Friday's show: 'Comment about the administration's policies but do not make it personal'.

The next month or so will be telling. Will they swallow their pride and humble themselves or will they continue down the same wrong path the pompous Obama cadre did thinking because they were voted in they could just move in and kick American Ideals and Principles right out the door. Will the somber words from Beck cause them to pause and rethink their posturing? Will they continue the petty sorts of things that were said and wind up losing bigger than they thought they would win? Will the American people lose hope of ever finding anyone who will step up and do what is right? Sure hope not! Hope there emerges truly motivated candidates who will not flip once their feet hit the steps of the capitol. Surely they won't forget the message from the PEOPLE: BRING BACK AMERICA, HONOR LIBERTY!

The RECAP: Fix what is broken. Don't make it worse by playing the same game that has been played. Limited Government; reduced spending; lower taxes; revamp entitlement programs; return to founding principles, do what is RIGHT, HONOR LIBERTY!