Friday, March 12, 2010

Posse Comitatus Work Around? I don't think so!

What in the world is the US Border Patrol and Military up to?

According to some time earlier this week a Navy Helicopter from Mexico entered our nation across the Rio Grande River into Sovereign US soil! The article says: "The Zapata County sheriff Thursday was questioning why a Mexican military helicopter was hovering over homes on the Texas side of the Rio Grande." Also according to this article: "Gonzalez, the Zapata sheriff, said he couldn't confirm reports that the helicopter was scoping out the home of a drug criminal. He said the incursion about a mile over the border took place over a neighborhood populated by many U.S. Customs officers who work at area border crossings — and that they knew what they were seeing.

My understanding is the U.S. military were informed,” he said. “I don't know what action was taken, if any.”"

Is this the way the US Government side steps Posse Comitatus? If we cannot use our own military to 'police' crime we will allow foreign governments to do so? I don't think so!

This article is just breaking on Drudge Report right now and will likely be picked up and discussed through the day and week end. This writer wonders though will the obviation of our own Posse Comitatus Act be lost in the discussion because of the 'Drug Cartel Crisis' on the border? Will we see further erosion of our 'RIGHTS' while everyone looks the other way?

With the push for Gun Control at a local, national and U.N. level, [the U.N. bid would be the global monster step which would render our 2nd amendment rights moot] the apathetic CITIZEN of this country who 'just goes along with stuff because it sounds good' may be left at the hands of foreign military agencies as possible law enforcement!

This is a slimy path we are slipping down with fewer and fewer handholds to prevent total loss of our sovereignty. Please do not let this 'crisis' be the one the government uses to come in an mow over us. Bang the drums and let your representative governmental leaders know "this is not okay!" Foreign military incursion into our air space, above our soil is not acceptable in the losing battle against drugs. It is a crack in our veneer that will be exploited.

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