Sunday, May 23, 2010

Charles Djou wins Congressional seat Hawaii!

Congratulations to Charles Djou and his campaign for successfully rooting out a staunchly democratic seat!

The Honolulu Paper, Star Bulletin reports:

This is a momentous day,” Djou told a jubilant crowd at state party headquarters. “We have sent a message to the United States Congress. We have sent a message to the ex-governors. We have sent a message to the national Democrats! We have sent a message to the machine.

“We have told them that we will not stand idly by as our great nation is overburdened by too much taxes, too much debt and too much wasteful spending.”

This seat was vacated by Neil Abercrombie whose voting record as one of two Hawaii Representatives was definitely party line with his last monumental vote being 'yes' on the Congressional 'Cap n Tax' bill H.R. 2454, passed in July 2009. It is expected Congressman elect Djou will vote down conservative lines. His win is phenomenal in a state where the Republican Governor has taken serious heat over some of her fiscal decisions, 'Furlough Friday' being the most discussed by residents of the state.

Though the win is an interim win and clearly his record between now and the election to fill this seat for an entire term will be his campaign platform, his election is not only about a dysfunctional local democratic party, it is also a referendum on Obama's administration. Charles Djou just ripped a seat from the majority party in the Congress right out from under Obama's alleged home state! A state that overwhelming voted for him for President just 18 months ago! How quickly the tide has changed. There is some hope this state will elect yet another candidate to replace Mazie Hirono and her liberal voting record with a candidate whose fiscal and national security platforms seem more in line with the majority of Americans! Watch Ramsay Pualani Wharton as she manages her campaign.

Liberty may prevail as one incumbent after another falls to the will of the people; a people who comprise the government 'for the people, by the people and of the people'!

The primaries are only the beginning. The general election in November is the key! It would be so great to see 2 new conservatives sitting in Congress representing the fine people of Hawaii!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Little this; Little that!

Thought I would share my thoughts on a couple of current events which make no sense to me.

Franklin Graham/Dissedinvited

I am no fan of any particular minister, preacher or alleged man of the cloth. I think they are fairly equal opportunity purveyors of their wares. Some actually do great charitable work; others not so much. Be that as it may, about the Pentagon and the flip flop invitation to Franklin Graham for the National Day of Prayer: just because some insignificant unfamiliar group grumbled that he had made some statement about the Islam religion that was taken by some as offensive. Okay, and? Speaking of offensive, most Americans, of all religions, and of no religion were offended on 9/11. Thereafter, we were offended when Spain and London had their own event. We were offended to see women being forced to kneel in stadiums and beheaded by the 'MORALITY POLICE' in Afghanistan. Offended indeed! Yet, the single common denominator to all of these events is the radical segment of Islam, or so they say. Haven't noticed a huge outcry from the American community of Muslims renouncing such notions. Find that offensive as well.

One more thing offensive is some obscure group can write a letter to the Pentagon and belly ache about Mr. Graham's comments and the government immediately bows to their complaint. So, who is representing the Christian Faith at the Pentagon that day?

Mr. Graham has a son in Afghanistan who is giving of his own life to serve this country. I should think since most of the troops serving in Muslim countries fighting wars against dangerous radicals of the Islam faith are Christian in faith and Reverend Franklin Graham would represent and lead them in his prayer that day. As I said, I am no fan of the man but I believe wholly that the CHRISTIAN troops fighting for our freedoms in 2 wars have a right to be represented by a man of their faith.

About Illegal Non Citizens:

How many illegal individuals do you suppose were among the 50 thousand who marched in Los Angeles; 20 thousand who marched in Dallas and the other groups who marched elsewhere? They enjoyed the 1st amendment right guaranteed by the Constitution for 'citizens' of this country to gather in peaceful assembly. I will give them that...most of them were peaceful. Just curious, how do you think Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and Iran's Ahmadinawhatever would have handled large crowds who were demonstrating against those country's immigration laws? Oh, wait...just their own citizens gathered in protest to an illegal election in Iran got those LEGAL citizens shot at, beat up, arrested and sprayed with lye from hovering helicopters. Yet, the crowds gathered about AZ's controversial law were accorded the freedom to speak their minds in protest! Suppose that is why they are here? Because the US honors the inalienable rights of her citizens? Why not come here legally, not as a burden to the country? Work, live and love as a legal citizen? Why are you fleeing Mexico? Why not stay and change your own country? Here is a quandry: What if the US sent troops to Mexico, all the way into Mexico to 'occupy' the country? How many of the folks who are here illegally would immediately return to take as stand for their country? As well they should! Divided loyalties, perhaps?

Return home, come into the country the right way, legally. All of America has NO PROBLEM with that. Then, doesn't matter if AZ has a bill 1070 because you would be here legally.

About the Kook from Iran:

Why was he here? Who in this country allowed this wing nut to come here? It is time someone at the government level begins to understand THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is not a door mat! 'Bring the huddled masses to us' does not mean to walk all over us, spit upon us, threaten us and insult us. How much air time do you think anyone from the US would get if they went to Iran and started speaking of Iran as Satan with sulfur wafting up, or engaged in demagoguery with the license this guy does? Right, NONE! In fact, the person would likely be arrested for spying or some trumped up charge. Yet, here we are, again, having to see his face on television mouthing off and condemning the US. ENOUGH ALREADY. I loved former UN Ambassador John Bolton's thoughts tonight: "The strong words mean nothing to these people." Further, he contended Hillary's remarks were more for political purposes and not to effect some resolution. Hillary and Bill live in NY. Suppose the coordinates for NY are in the cross hairs of Iran's long range nuclear missiles? Think her strong words will matter then? Just down the road a tad is the White House...think it will matter to them that those 'strong words' were used? The innocent lives that will be lost if one of those missiles gets off while this government dances with the Madman of Iran will be the legacy of the 'apology diplomacy'. The words of a song come to mind: "Who's sorry now?"

The Oil Spill:

What a sad sad situation! So much life will be lost because of this. Who knows if this was a freak accident or negligence right now. Frankly who is responsible is not now relevant to getting a grip on the escaping crude decimating our ocean and its teeming life. Further, the serious impact upon those communities who have the crude wash ashore is incalculable. The responsible party is alleging to be stepping up to bear all responsibility. My question, though this company is headquartered in Europe, will they be too big to fail? Will their cost soar so high they will ask for a bail out? Seriously! I am not being facetious here. The company should be paying for all the government resources that must be used to assist in getting this under control. But will they?

Will this become the crisis necessary to just slam Cap n Tax's about the environment you know...It is a huge sad event with unspeakable consequences. It needs to be dealt with and then dealt with. But in no way should the folks of this country be subject to extra taxation for clean up; or threat of extreme EPA regulations that stifles our independence from foreign oil. It should not be seized upon as a crisis to manipulate politically for gain for either party.

The news scene is alive with so many hot stories right now...and then there is yet another DUDley bomber! Oh, the current news story is this Dudster is of Pakistan origin...hmmm...what is the dominant religion there? The Dudster tried to detonate in New York...that is not offensive at all! So, explain to me again please, the rationale behind forbidding a Christian minister who has spoken TRUTH about the radical branch of Islam, to be included in the National Prayer Day events at the Pentagon? I AM OFFENDED! I was born here. My parents were born here. Their parents were born here. Their parents were born here! Why should my family's long lived culture and religious preference be singled out and denied especially with the Veterans who comprise our family tree!

I deplore the 'fundamental transformation' with all that is me! I did not vote for this and I shall vote against its continuance on Nov 2.

That's my opinion and I am sticking to 'bout yours?