Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Better to be Red than Dead!

CONGRATULATIONS AMERICA! You stood up, signed up, polled up and stayed up and today began the long trek to bring it home for the kids and the grandkids!

As a child, I was taught to say 'I would rather be dead than red.' Of course, that was the brainwashing verbiage of a generation who feared a communist take over where anyone under the age of 30 would be executed because they could not be taught. But this evening as I contemplated the win I grinned. AGAIN! Communism has been foiled and interestingly by two generations: 1] the one who feared it during the cold war years and 2] their kids!

What is even better is being able to say; thanks to the RED superimposed over the majority of the lower 48 citizens in this country -- the elderly, the infirm, the unfortunate -- will not be denied treatment because of government run HEALTH CARE! Instead, thanks to the vote, America is now on a path to repeal and obstruct the implementation of various aspects of this law through refusing appropriations and initiating legislation to remove the burden from upon the fine folks of this great land.

It will not be easy. And it will not be swift. But it is not the most impending disaster that needs immediate attention. Reining in the deficit, especially in light of the Fed's getting ready to devalue the Dollar by at least 20% Nov 3!

How does that play out? The out of control train wreck America has been riding since January 2009 has had the brakes put on. Will it be enough to bring it to a safe stop? Time will tell. But what will happen is the democratic governors who would indulge their state in 'big government' policies will have fewer and fewer dollars from the Feds to use for their own out of control spending. In reality, the dems who survived the vote tonight will have the hardest time governing in whatever office they hold because the gravy train's engineering staff has been replaced with a leaner more efficient director!

This will have serious consequences for states like NY, CA and HI who are all blue and who have such deficits they are on the brink of financial collapse. Hawaii has a 20 percent food stamp dependency and the State has actively been trying to get as many people enrolled in its food stamp program as possible. Without federal funding that will be a program which will no doubt see drastic cuts. CA hasn't learned its lesson yet. They'd rather be taxed to outrageous levels than to vote in anyone with 'business' savvy. They are so far in the hole they will likely not see the light of day for a very long time. Going back to the teat of the Obama Government is no longer an option. Congress will NOT support it.

The wisdom of our forefathers in designing a terrific republic where the 'people' have the power and the inherent drive to protect their freedoms has in our lifetime never been more self evident than today! Sharia Law in Oklahoma, shot down by the people! I am not sure how come that was on the ballot for this is not a country which recognizes a single religious state/authority. Possession and right to carry a gun was voted in by the good folks of Kansas. Freedoms preserved even on a state level.

Today was a true voter revolution in state after state. With the majority of governors aligned with a conservative bend those states will be brought back from the brink of collapse. Within those states, a conservative change in the majority of their legislators solidly sets the respective states on track for fiscal discipline, albeit tough, which will be unpopular with socialist leaning Americans but in time will see the quality of life begin to rise up as the mythological Phoenix.

It is way too early to predict 2012 and the after math of that vote, but if the newly elected Congress and their corresponding partners in the Senate begin immediately the long process of slowing the momentum of the Obama Train until it can safely be turned it may be possible to head it down a more rational and reasonable path. It could build equity -- perhaps building on the 2010 historic success.

For the record, I think the balance is great right now. The power is in Congress. The Senate has its own character, the President his own. It is finally as it should be. No one party in power.

Thank God for the respite. We may never fully know the disaster that has been averted. While there are many people who have sacrificed much to make this happen, there are a core group of visionary people who I hope history will remember well. The media: FoxNews. The people: Glenn Beck and his entire entourage; leaders in the political field, some of whom were elected today, while others were not but in includes those who championed the candidates from the sidelines through their support as well. The nation: Americans who stopped long enough to see there was something wrong with the route the O Train was taking and began to actively stop it. And God, whose Patience, Righteousness, Faithfulness and Mercy has blessed us once more with a call to our core principles and values and a reminder of the responsibility we have as caretaker of the single most powerful form of government since HIS theocratic rule of Israel of old. It is my hope today's victory would be approved as a right course by such American Icons as John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. It took a bit of Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin to get us motivated and moving but surely their spirit rejoices at the train as it chugs along "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!"

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