Friday, June 12, 2009

Checques & Balances

It's simply math! If the President, who said we are out of money, wants to ‘balance’ the budget, which by now would require gargantuan strength, perhaps of the magnitude of a 9th world wonder, perhaps he should stop penalizing employees who find half million dollar fraud from ‘buddies’ of his! A half mil here, 760 billion there, 50 billion there, pretty soon the deficit is starting to see a dint! The constitution laid out a system of ‘checks and balances’ as a means to keep everyone accountable to ‘the people’. Writing checks without accountability will never lead to ‘balancing’ the budget.

So, what is the real story here with this Gerald Walpin and the return of about half of the nearly million dollar grant to the St. Hope Academy in Sacramento, coincidentally with oversight by the mayor of Sacramento, also coincidentally a supporter of Obama. Big Surprise. The termination of Mr. Walpin’s job as INSPECTOR GENERAL, after he discovers the "misspent' monies and arranges for half the grant to be returned, bears further investigation by every American! Why would a man lose his job for doing his job? Moreover, why is the focus of his termination on how the mayor of Sacramento ‘feels’ about the investigation and consequential return of half a million dollars? [Which by the way he is allowed to take up to 10 years to repay the lion's share? While he uses it, makes interest on it?] Why would Obama ‘lose confidence’ in a man who has just uncovered such gross 'misspending' and penalized the 'misspending' recipient with reimbursement of monies? Then again, this is the same government who continues to fund ACORN, itself billowing with criminal charges and under investigation by some of its own directors for the lack of complete financial disclosure.

Obama is planning to tax just about everything from the air we exhale to the soft drink we consume to the gas we use to run the ‘Green Machine’ [no doubt GM’s new government car] and even the health care for employees who have it! Let’s not forget the special head’s up we got last month about the nifty VALUE ADDED TAX, a national sales tax of about 25% on everything with no cessation of all other taxes already being levied against the American consumer, citizen and taxpayer.

As the news of ways to finance his grandiose plans for his titanic government continues to flow in a torrential wave towards us drowning us in despair wondering when it all will end, maybe the simple suggestion to the President: Do NOT fire the Inspector General for having done his job! You should staff that department with a dozen more like him. Imagine if they all found such waste and were able to recuperate some of the misappropriated funds the folks here in this country would feel more inclined to see Obama as a capable steward of the national treasury. In the 4 short months of this guy’s administration we have come to understand this statement a tad differently: “two things are certain in life: Death and Taxes!” Today, and many of these taxes are yet to be fully implemented, the clear truth of this administration is ‘DEATH through TAXATION! ‘

Will it be death of many who can no longer live under the tremendous burden of all this tax?

Will it be death of America and its centuries old form of government through taxation without representation?

Will it be the very thing that switches this administration from two term tracks to one term and an ignoble place in history!

You need to decide. It is up to YOU! If it is the latter it can only be done if you VOTE and vote for HONEST REPRESENTATION.

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