Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Do not wear contact lenses, they will burn with gases"

With literally hundreds of 'tweets' being uploaded to the #iranelection topic it is hard to keep up with them all. But, perhaps the most poignant of the messages is the series of messages with First Aid instructions in english and Farsi.

"Do not wear contact lenses, they will burn with gases" struck me when I read it. Those of us who were contacts do not think of such things happening. But with the overwhelming belief the government was dropping 'lye' from helicopters onto the crowd on Saturday it was a 'warning' that was well timed and very touching to have read.

The cost of freedom is not cheap! These folks are showing they are willing to give up their lives for a radical change to their country's policies and rulership. They're dying for a cause that has taken millions of lives for many centuries -- the cause of LIBERTY!

Green power has grown and taken route way outside of Tehran. The color of Mousavi's campaign has morphed into the 'yellow ribbon' or the colors of glory for the activists in Iran. Folks outside the country are putting green over their avatars on twitter in support of the evolution of Freedom in Iran.

In this time, when America's own liberties are waning due to socialistic policies, it seems invigorating in a 'uniting' way that America should focus on praying and supporting this fledgling struggle for Freedom in Iran. The opinion media can go a long way to assuring their success by encouraging the hopeful youth of Iran to press forward to FREEDOM. News media here in this country should continue to manifest empathy for the way the citizens have been treated. Being shot, beaten, gassed, and having an acid bath dropped from above has not stopped this forward march.

For a country that is allegedly a 'theocracy' it appears they are employing Saddam Hussein type dictatorship, punishing anyone who steps out of line. Difference? Saddam's regime was not a theocracy. How can someone who truly believes themself a man of God drop acid upon thousands of his own kids? It is unthinkable.

While President Obama may need to walk a fine line where taking sides on the election issue is concerned, when it comes to HUMAN RIGHTS, there should never be a reticence! If AMERICA is truly supportive of HUMAN RIGHTS then surely Mr. Obama will on Sunday make a definitive and strong condemnation of the Iranian Government for its HUMAN RIGHTS ATROCITIES! Surely he will do that. As the First Father, on Father's day, for the sake of the 'kids' marching for their lives, STAND UP FOR THEIR INALIENABLE RIGHTS, PLEASE Mr. President!

To anyone reading this, please hold these folks up in prayer that their sacrifice may not be in vain. The struggle for Liberty must never be invisible to those not in the struggle.

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