Friday, October 2, 2009

Crash of Entitlement!

Drudge Report leads today with this huge headline: THE EGO HAS LANDED

Newt Gingrich writes this:
newtgingrich Somehow charm and oratory dont seem to work in foreign affirs but historians have warned that foreign policy is different than campaigning
Breitbarts lead is this:

And so you have it, the crash of entitlement. We through everything at the bid for Chicago both big "O"'s Oprah and Obama and still it wasn't enough.

Meanwhile back at home a reality check seems to be in order. 43 troops lost their lives in September, a full month after a request was submitted to give support to the Afghanistan war front by the very General appointed to bring this one in as a done deal! And did you hear? John Kerry wants Obama to take some time to think over his strategy, perhaps weeks. Wow, talk about support.

Last month marked another anniversary of the observance of POW-MIA day. Nice write up here:

Unemployment is still going off the richter scale.

Americans are reeling from the reality that their strong protests against an over reaching government has fallen on deaf ears. That the push for health care reform should step back and take some time to review the many concerns.

But we could spend beaucoup bucks to make a bid for Chicago as the the 2016 site of the Olympics. Spare no expense.

For so many reasons I am grateful this has happened. It is a form of censure to America that even when we foisted the 'One' upon them they opted to work as an independent committee and not be swayed by some sense of entitlement.

And score one for the folks who believe merit and not cronyism should be the final basis for a decision. The President and his team have let down a lot of people back in his home town but it is not for lacking any nerve to spend money that belongs to the people to be used for National Security. Not bringing home the gold somehow seems quite fitting for a country who is subsidizing itself on monopoly money!

Now that the fun is over Mr. President, how about our troops in Afghanistan? Did you ever entertain the idea of stopping by and saying 'howzit'? Or, how about, 'You're next on my plate'? Gee, using tax payer dollars to bolster our troop's morality, troops from all over the US and not just Chicago, what a novel idea. "O"ops!

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