Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Let me see, the number of American's out of work is what? The number of American's wanting an accounting from the White House on the proposed Health Care Reform is how many? The number of military in Afghanistan needing back up and support will be addressed, when? Taxes must go up, why?

The President himself is leaving on a jet plane for Copenhagen for a 'day' to try and win the Olympic games for Chicago! A day. How many hundreds of thousands of tax dollars are going to be spent to 'sell Chicago as the 2016' site? This has to do with the day to day business of running the country, HOW?

Sure, if Chicago picks up the games there will be much money being funneled into the area with lots of people working in everything related to the Olympics. But what about the rest of the nation? What do taxpayers in Indiana get because the Olympics come to town.

What happened to the 'hard work' and 'sacrifice' Obama talked of on the campaign trail. Perhaps he meant the military, our soldiers, would be the 'hardworking' 'sacrificing' ones. Of course they understand there is more pressing business their Commander in Chief simply must take care of, THE OLYMPICS! Surely the folks in uniform stuck in harm's way understand if their Chief must postpone serious discussion and decisions on their welfare and needs while he and the wife jet off to Copenhagen for the day, on the taxpayers dime!

The world is upside down. Leadership has left the building. Self interest and self promotion have replaced a united sense of kinship, that pride in our country that used to bind us all. Of course, President Eisenhower would jet off to Denmark for the day and leave his soldiers hanging out there at war.

When the Olympics are over and it is time Obama pay the piper, what will it be? What will he promise the folks who make the decision to get them to choose Chicago? Time will tell. In the meantime, while Copenhagen has the President's full attention, our men and women in uniform are still paying the ultimate price and while they likely do not give the 'news' any mind, if they did, do you think they'd be okay with their boss off scoring the Olympics instead of here, hunkered down with the top military brass, trying to negotiate a positive resolution to this Afghan war? NO! But hey, not to worry, the other "O", Bin Laden, is still hard at work. He's able to threaten Europe for supporting the US in Afghanistan and praise his god all the while.

But we might get the Olympics! Surely such frivolity is justifiable and worthy. I bet those folks out in the San Joaquin Valley, where their lives have been turned to dust, literally, fully understand the President has no time to deal with their issues, he has an Olympic Game to secure for Chicago. Hey, but at least the folks there will eat well, even if the rest of the nation doesn't because the folks in the San Joaquin Valley cannot grow the crops to feed us.

Dude! What are you thinking? With so much 'life and death' at stake why are you spending tax dollars to fly to Copenhagen to try and move the folks to vote for Chicago? If you feel compelled to blow the bucks why not take it and hand it out to people who need it? Even if you wanted to do that in Chicago surely there are no to low income people who need a few dollars. How many people could you feed with the money you will be spending to go over? How much will Chicago spend to make over their city for a couple of weeks of games? And people are losing their jobs, their homes, their families. They must know how wonderful their world will be, how Obama's concern for them will rock their world when he leads out the Parade at the Olympics! He will probably carry the torch right to the stadium! We can all be so proud! Hopefully the collective sound of the stomachs of those hungry, out of work and home, will not drowned out the celebration of the Olympics.

No shame. None whatsoever. "Let them eat cake" right?


Steven Lock said...

Hey, Chicago is his home town. What do you expect.? He has a lot of political buddies there that want m-o-n-e-y. Sad, considering what a bastion of political fairness and honesty Chicago has always been. Who can forget that paragon of virtue, Mayor Daley?

Anonymous said...

Just think HE also knows that Olympics means Welcome Terrorists. So we will need to spend even more money on security. Oh! I forgot he also apologised to them so their probably won't be any problems.