Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ramping Up For Fall On The HILL!

Summer is behind us, though the 'Town Hall Meeting' are still happening; and though the Tea Party Express is making its way across the country towards 9/12 at DC.

The President's aggressive agenda has begun to reflect 'pause' while the majority regroup and reagendize their goals.

Our vigilance is all the more dire as behind the scenes issues like FREEDOM OF SPEECH and PRESS are being quietly removed from our country's historic landscape of inalienable rights. Healthcare reform, aka, Health Insurance Reform, aka, Obamacare, aka Teddy-Care, will be interesting to watch as the 'death panels' discussion, that embarrassing VA directive to discuss end of life care which doesn't seem to be going away, and the volatile 'Public Option' or 'government option' is in...no wait, it's out...no wait,it's in...all make their way through various committee discussions. Then, today, it is announced Barbara Boxer and John Kerry are putting off their 'Cap and Trade' rendition to the end of September for a slew of reasons.

The end of the month the President heads off on another foreign trip, another opportunity to apologise, only this time perhaps he should, to China, for the way in which he has carelessly opted to spend their monies!

Americans should not view the 9/12 Tea Parties as the culmination of a busy summer and head into malaise as the fall and winter seasons begin to arrive. We cannot be any less vigilant in watching bills and exposing the deeds of those who would alter our country from the United States of America to the United Socialist America!

The last 300 years of our history falls directly on our shoulders to protect. We must be as driven to covet our freedoms as those who have given their all before us. We must keep the LIGHT OF TRUTH shining brilliantly on the underhanded and devious plans of those who would hijack our nation from the Capitol steps! We must expose everything. Give the new FCC CZAR a run for his money and let him know we will not easily bow to becoming a Chavez look alike where media is concerned.

Please mark your calendars every single day to find some thing to talk about with your families, friends and work associates to keep AMERICA ALIVE and FREE!!!

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