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Nathan Martin For State Representative Meet n Greet 2.20.2020

Nathan Martin, For State Representative -- 21st Century Younger George Washington

Feb. 21, 2020

Mansfield, Ohio

A determined collection of citizens from Richland County, Ohio, braved the 18 degree weather on a weekday evening to quiz Nathan Martin, candidate for State Representative to Richland  County. From Jobs to 2nd Amendment fidelity, City Councilman Martin was more than up to the job of taking the questions and the passion behind every question.

Councilman Martin is decidedly a man of GOD/Faith, Family, Country, Community and a citizen servant.  As he spoke, you could hear the echos of the character of George Washington whose daily regimen included much prayer and a lifelong routine of working on character development -- like that of humility.

Manifest evidence of a man’s life being informed through his faith as it threads it's way through his family and public life was on immediate display. He opened the ‘Meet and Greet’ with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a specific set of rules which included the request that any questions about his opponent show respect for her -- referring to her by her title as Commissioner.

His immediate goals: Government reform, Tax reform and Education reform. The three big objectives as State Representative acknowledging it is likely to take an eight year commitment to fully secure these objectives.

The Q & A session included a streaming audience on Facebook Live. 

Q] ‘I read in a flyer you are a ‘never Trumper.’

A] A flyer mass mailed to Republicans contained the allegation he was a 'never Trumper'. Acknowledgement was made he did not support Trump in 2016 election although he has been very pleased with President Trump’s policies especially those supporting ‘religious freedom’. He assured those present he fully supports President Trump. Here is a link to find his responses to the flyer:

Q] ‘What sets you apart from your opponent?’

A] Accessibility, debate policy, care for constituents. At this time, there is no debate scheduled and the candidate stated he had asked everyone he could to make it happen. He did refer folks to the IVoterguide for their assessment of him.

Q] ‘What is your stand on the Second Amendment as regards what is going on in Virginia right now and how would you stop that from happening in Ohio?

A] “Fight like the dickens to make sure it doesn’t happen!”

Q] ‘Families in Richland County have kids going to college and getting a job outside of Ohio which makes it difficult for the cohesion of the family. How do we get jobs to Richland County?

 A] Ohio is not business friendly. Ways to change that would need to be done through tax reform, etc. Councilman Martin would like to see access to high speed internet for everyone as a way to create opportunity for innovation and to spur ingenuity together with tax breaks for all as part of the solution to job creation in Richland County. He also acknowledged the outsourcing of jobs overseas as a culprit that needs to be addressed.

Other questions included how to develop better support the Foster Care system in Richland County; What can be done with the opiate crisis – to which he mentioned institutional assistance to break addiction like faith-based institutions.

The meeting concluded with an invitation to his weekly ‘Fireside Chats’ Tuesdays, 8p on Facebook Live [nathan martin for state representative on Facebook].

He invited everyone to write Letters to the Editors both to Digital --Richland Source --and traditional sources --Mansfield News Journal.

Last reminder of the evening: Election is March 17, 2020

Editor’s comments: Councilman Martin appears to be fully connected to his personal integrity and displays it comfortably when queried about his politics -- an admirable quality in this day and age.  

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