Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Spirit of Independence!

Scott Brown and Massachusetts won one for the Gippir! How fitting is it that 237 years after the first revolt against disgusting taxes at the Boston Tea Party, in MASSACHUSETTS, we have take two! RIGHT ON MASSACHUSETTS!

What a win for America. It is not just a win for Senator Brown and the folks of Massachusetts it is a win for all America. And is it not unbelievable how quickly the Democratic block is caving as they see clearly what the hand writing on their wall is saying.."PINK SLIP DAY is around the corner!"

Here is a sampling of the headlines tonight:

  • A cavalier Obama says 'you can't win them all' to Atty General Coakley. Another one under the bus. [NOTE TO SELF: Send memo to Atty Gen Coakley election day 2012 reminding her to call former president Obama and tell him 'you can't win them all -- you know better than anyone!]
  • Democratic Representative Jim Costa of California feels Obama should acknowledge they may have overreached and scale back their plans. Ya think?
  • Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner of NY feels where healthcare is concerned perhaps the leadership should 'heed the message of Massachusetts' and believes they should 'pivot toward creating jobs, perhaps with a health-care component added in.' Wonder what his first clue was?
  • Senator Jim Webb believes the vote for healthcare should be put off until Senator Brown is seated. Wow! is that a glimmer of 'reasonableness' we see oozing forth?
Yep, they got the message! Too LITTLE, TOO LATE!

The not so silent majority has been given a booster shot with this victory and they will be infused now with full speed forward motion.

While we revel in this victory, it must be noted it was not only the Democrats that brought us to this place. Yes, they have escalated it to warp speed this past year but Republicans before them have assisted amply to this end. Though Senator Brown seems to be a refreshing start, we mustn't slip into a twilight consciousness believing the Republican party is the savve for all ills. We must be ever vigilant and vet each and every candidate to make sure we are truly turning over a new leaf in history in 2010 and then again 2012!

I, for one, could not be more proud of my fellow Americans who came out today to vote in this spotlight election and especially in the 53 percent who voted for Senator Brown. Kudos for a job well done for all of America. I believe we may have a reprieve from Cap and Tax and other democratic special interest bills.

My thanks to Senator Scott Brown and his family for putting yourselves out there and for doing this well and right! My thanks to their campaign workers, their insightful campaign management team and to the press that finally began to see this vote as pivotal!

And to Obama...what's up with the slam on Senator Brown's Truck?

Why? Because, he decided to keep his clunker??? Is it missing the magnetic signs which read: "Paid for by Special Interests" or "when GM stood for General Motors not Government Motors" The comment made about his truck was straight out of junior high. Way too shallow for a President to speak. Imagine what the world thinks of you after comments like that one. Not to mention the folks you allege to have represented during your campaign who may for any number of reasons own a truck just like his.

The truck has become so notorious maybe it should sit next to Sanford's truck or the Clampett's truck at the museum. Really? Mr. President?

Shame on you!

Exiting stage left humming: 'We are Americans hear us roar in numbers too big to ignore...:::thrusting fist into air screaming YES!' Doing happy dance...falls off stage..


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