Tuesday, June 23, 2009

President's Engagement

The kids in Iran who have shown strength of courage in their sacrifice for liberty in speech and assembly, their voice for dissent, have been shot, beaten, tortured, and bullied by the government agents of Iran. They have given their all for an ideal that is inherent in the human spirit. Support for their demonstration and right to liberty has ranged from tepid to hot around the world.

Clearly, the elections issue is a domestic issue and should be handled within. Contrary to the slow to speak leadership from the Commander and Chief of the U.S. however, is the difference between taking sides in a domestic issue and speaking out in adamant vehemence over heinous human rights abuses!

If the U.S. stands for anything it stands for individualism expressed through the constitutional and natural law of liberty! And in Cairo, the President coined a phrase he employs often: 'a country must lead by consent not coercion.' While reiterating his pet phrase from the speech in Cairo, he misses the point, in fact, has let an entire week of missed opportunities pass him by to show some back bone and sincerely rebuke the Iranian government for the appalling way they have dealt with the youthful activists of their country. There have been statements made by nations from Europe and North America that have been exactly what America's own should have been saying, and since DAY ONE! One cannot use words like 'condemn' with a monotone voice and have it sound like credible conviction. President Obama has failed the people he represents for a week by not taking the lead in exhibiting absolute abhorrence for what we have seen and heard from the folks in Iran.

To add insult to injury to the youthful idealists who have taken to the streets with much peril, and to the folks of America who truly hold liberty as an ideal worth dying for, the President of America has continued the idea that he and his administration could sit down on OUR INDEPENDENCE day with representatives from Iran at the US embassies for a celebration of July 4th! Come on! Forget slap in the face to the kids in Iran, how about a full on PUNCH in the gut! Invite a CELEBRATION with the Iranian Government on Independence Day? Is this sardonic humor? A day we lift up LIBERTY and celebrate it's ideal giving thanks we are privileged to enjoy it here? You have got to be kidding!!!!

Instead of 'engaging' the Iranian government, in celebration, why not engage the youth on the street with outrage for the way they have been treated! Why not organize our July 4th parties here at home, and in US Embassies, in honor of oppressed and repressed in all countries with a renewed conviction to do all we can for those who want LIBERTY -- to achieve it. Let's be very vocal about how we feel regarding the abuse of power the Iranian government, an alleged theocracy, has demonstrated against their own citizens. That is what LIBERTY means, not just a right for American's but a right for all. Not just something for us to celebrate and 'oh well' for the rest of the world. We have a responsibility for Liberty's sake to take up the banner and make it so!

Just to be clear, interventionism is not a correct policy in the 'elections' issue of this country, on that the administration is correct. But STRONG, PASSIONATE protest against the Government's response to dissent is not only necessary but an obligation of every free soul in this world, but especially in the U.S. of A!

Mr. President, on this issue, where is the youth of Iran's 'AUDACITY OF HOPE?'

UPDATE: This was just posted at 2P ET on Twitter, hashtag iranelection: Germans, French, Brits, Aussies: pls ask your govs to put pressure on IR gov, not just talk, US gov won't do anything #iranelection


Anonymous said...

US gov won't do anything. Iranian's say. They really are not blinded by this white light oozing from Mr. Obama. They see right through his words of encouragement to the Iranian Government. Yes he will sill sit and party with that government on the 4th of July and make sweet talk, "you know! you Iranian Leaders, you should be a bit easier on your people especially the young ones, they need to learn that you are wise and powerful before they can respect you"

Yes I can see it now, Obama and the Iranian leaders partying it up when BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! A North Korean bomb explodes in the middle of the Pacific. Obama turning to the Iranian President "I sure hope Kuai is still there! we have been chatting a bit with that north Korean guy and he just is not listening as much as you guys are"

"But I know you guys are much more reasonable that is why I invited you over for this party, to show you how much fun we can have while our countries are going up in smoke." Obama.

By the way nuch much has been said by the President about this new treat by the N. Korean guy, not even a word in his discussion with the press today, of course the press never asked anything about it either. I guess those Hawaiian Islands (Are they a State???) are too far for most of the americans to even worry about. This may be the best WAKE UP CALL yet.

Lew said...

Obama has proven himself no friend to freedom or liberty. His lack of concern over Iran and now, push to place Honduras back under a wannabe dictator is very troubling.

I'm not sure teh country can lst to 2012 under this political 'homey the clown.'