Sunday, June 14, 2009

Panetta vs Cheney: A Preemptive Strike?

News broke this week end that may be alarming to the black helicopter folks among us, but, what if ‘once awhile’ the black helicopter crowd is right? The statement should give all of us pause.

The head of the CIA is alleged to have said this: “"It's almost, a little bit, gallows politics. When you read behind it, it's almost as if he's wishing that this country would be attacked again, in order to make his point. I think that's dangerous politics." Ya think?

In the environment where media is having a feeding frenzy on each other, where one side’s editors and bloggers have found big PRESS in blaming certain media personalities or celebrities for heinous acts of violence committed recently by criminals, why should the comment by the Head of CIA be surprising? But, come on, this should ALARM every American -- the Blame Game at such levels of leadership is wrong on so many levels!!!

This statement lays the ground work to continue a trend to hang the ‘blame’ for an atrocious act on ‘someone’ else. If we are attacked here in the US, after this statement, it will be a nano second before the finger pointing by the ‘blame gang’ accuses V.P. Cheney. Why? Because he has been sharing his concerns that our national security is not what it should be. If an attack should happen orchestrating the event to have everyone talking about who's to blame would deflect the attention of the American audience from ‘who’ really may be responsible.

This current finger pointing is a tool being used by both sides. One side said lately Dr. Tiller is dead because of conservative personalities while conservatie personalities say the Holocaust Museum and the stepped assault against the Jews ‘may be’ as a result of President Obama’s foreign policy speeches where he diminishes the unspeakable murder of 6 million Jews by the Nazi regime by segueing into the plight of the Palestinian people today.

Now CIA head says VP Cheney wants an attack to prove his position regarding the Obama National Security policies. Mr. Panetta says he thinks it’s dangerous politics. Here's a CLUE: Your statement continues the 'dangerous politics!' It is divisive and creates a straw man argument for the sake of finger pointing. Enough already!That sword swings both ways and making this sort of statement merely pours fuel on the fire in the minds of those who would do us harm. The bad guys are watching and the infighting between notable leaders is sending a very definitive signal to the bad guys that we are so busy arguing with each other we’d never notice if they decided to make good on their latest threat. I hope someone is watching the tunnels while the bickering is going on.

American people are not feeling particularly safe these days. We haven’t forgotten what happened! This is not one of Mr. Panetta’s best moments, and he has had some great moments of late with regard to release of documents/photos relative to the intelligence gathering techniques used on 3 very bad guys!

Is it to late to ask for leadership to act responsibly? Do they understand the power of words? Americans are not the stupid folk the politicians believes them to be. Family safety is important and national security is a broader version of that concern. If we do not see responsible dialogue we will decide for ourselves in 2010 when we issue Pink Slips to all who are NOT doing their job.

National Security is way too important for it to be reduced to such diatribe. Talking about ‘stupid’ folks the old adage may apply here: While the politician’s finger is pointing to the ‘American voter’ as being stupid there are 3 fingers pointing back to themselves! Our security is not ‘an opportunity for entertainment’!

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