Monday, June 1, 2009

Is Capitalism departing with a whimper?

From without the looking glass: Remember when you first grasped the notion if you wanted to know how you appeared to others ask someone to tell you what they think of you?
With the back drop of swift change in our economy; with distinct change in our international persona; with the not so subtle alteration to the Judiciary [from rulings based on ‘law’ vs ‘gender or ethnic based bias’] and with an attempt to create an homogenous ‘faith’ face how are we being seen by those abroad, not of the Islamic faith?

Over the weekend the Pravda News carried an article that likely articulated what many of us have been saying for decades but others have not listened to. The writer talked about the dumbing down of the populace via the education system. He talked about how our collective faith in God has been destroyed with pop culture televangelists and mega preachers more happy to sell their faith to cozy up to some politician. The article is entitled: “American capitalism gone with a whimper”. He spares no effort in salivating at what he believes to be our eventual collapse from the great capitalist country we were --to a run-of-the-mill Marxist society.

Is Marxism really the path we are on though? His ‘insights’ or perspective truly touches on volatile truths many Americans will be uncomfortable to reckon; in fact, it is likely they will dismiss his thoughts with some epithet denoting his place of birth. We need to wake up!! When a writer from Russia makes more sense of where we have been and where we are going than our own ‘informational’ systems then we’d better get busy clanging our LIBERTY BELL!

Frankly, it is not Marxism this country is heading towards. It may be one of the preliminary philosophies that has played an underlying theme in all things, but surely we are speeding on towards Totalitarianism with a brief stop at Socialism and a quick visit with fascism. It is easy to see there is no longer a clarion call for any concerned American to hearken to. The leadership of both parties has become the same side of a coin with nary a bit of distinction. They have hastened the move away from our INDIVIDUAL LIBERTIES to one of utter dependence by not standing up regardless of how ‘politically incorrect’ it may be. Senator McCain declared he is a ‘Maverick’ for the Republican party right up to the day he voted FOR the ‘bank bail out’ bill. Maverick? More like running with the herd. Again, not distinguishable from the Democratic candidate who ran on the platform of ‘Change’ and ‘Yes We Can’. He voted the same as McCain. Honestly, Obama has actually lived up to his campaign platform and in ways surely many who voted for him never imagined he would! Do you feel the ‘change’ needs to slow its roll from ‘Yes We Can’ to ‘Can we think about it and get back to ya?’ Clearly there was no choice. So we have change.

As we gaze into the mirror of our Country’s future, will we see the complete dissipation of all individual freedoms? Will we shrug our shoulders in apathy as if there is nothing we can do but to accept the inevitable? What CAN you do? WAKE UP! When the Russian media is spelling it out better than most of the American media it should shock you into reality. If what the writer said in his article regarding most Americans knowing more about their rights ‘to choke down a burger’ from McDonald’s or Burger King than their Constitutional rights, and it seems that statement has credible standing, we ought not tarry in standing UP for our Constitutional Rights! Otherwise we will be learned in a foreign rule unfriendly to ‘human rights’ strongly opposed to ‘women in leadership’ regardless of ethnicity, and definitely rooted in capital punishment meted out as swift justice with no ‘appeals court’ to hear you! If you value your INDIVIDUAL LIBERTIES, if you value your inalienable RIGHTS to LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, please do not look into the mirror and walk away distracted by the concerns of the day. Our social conscience needs a swift kick to jump start it. The last time we saw it in action was September 12, 2001. Hopefully, it will not take such a galvanizing event to get us all BACK on the LIBERTY wagon again. Why not a Constitutional Party? An Independence Party? Whatever you do, do some research on the vote your Senators and Congressional reps have made and make. Their voting record is out there. If you do not agree with their actions give them their PINK SLIP in 2010! Honor our fallen; Honor our forefathers; Honor our active military and our coalition friends; Honor our Vets from all wars! Get busy moving the folks out of Washington who refuse to REPRESENT YOU.

You may be too young, may be too new here in this FINE country, but back in the days of ‘duck and cover’ there was a slogan being taught to kids “I’d rather be dead than red!” While that may appear ‘radical’ in today’s world look at the ‘choice’ the ‘liberty’ being exercised. People exercised their freedom of speech in making such a statement. They exercised their freedom in choice by deciding what destiny they’d choose when faced with a political rule which was the antithesis of our Republic. Do we really want CHANGE when it is erasing our rich historic past. Can we “CHANGE” the course we are on now? ‘YES WE CAN!’ Find your candidates for 2010 and get out and promote them. Make November 2, 2010 official PINK NOTICE DAY! You CHOOSE! You exercise your INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY and you send a message to Washington and Moscow: “I believe in LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. I believe in the US Constitution. I believe in the Republic of the United States of America!” May that be the clarion call.

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