Sunday, January 10, 2010

Negro Dialect, what does that even mean?

President Obama can't win for losing! First, the 'birthers' harangued him for allegedly not being born in the US and now the 'leader' in his own party's Senate questioned his being 'black'?

What exactly was Reid expecting candidate Obama to sound like to prove his 'black'ness? A rapper? I mean, when one allows their mind to think about what a 'negro' --- and who uses that term anymore --- should sound like what in the world comes to mind? On so many MANY levels this man's stereotyping is wrong and he has been the driving force and voice of the Democratic Senate under the first man of color in the white house? [Here's a clue for the Senate leader, you should not have said it at is not a matter of a 'poor choice of words!']

After gutting America with this year's marxist notions via the current party of oversight, the hasty retreats being beat by such senate lifers as Dodd and the 'true' nature of such leaders as Reid, the Dems are keenly understanding they are about to be evicted. These two [and others] walk away with the sound knowledge they did all that they could to foist upon the American public ideologies with huge dollars attached -- the average citizen did not approve. One can only imagine what comes next before the 2010 vote, yet as this goes to press, the most important race in America right now is happening in a few days in Massachusetts and it is only now starting to make the light of day! Do you even know there is such a vital vote being waged in Massachusetts?

America wake up! The closet doors are opening and the skeletons are falling out. The people who were supposed to create CHANGE in America have -- BUT -- is it the change you expected? This year is your year of redemption. If it is not the change you voted for use your vote ONCE MORE and return America to its historic and principled roots!

Do you really concern yourself with someone's accent? Someone's apparel? It is no surprise we have come to where we are if such unimportant, shallow, things occupy the voter's mind when they cast their vote.

Remember as you form your opinions for the candidate you believe deserves your vote:
  • The Congress DID PASS CAP AND TAX
  • The Senate has not, YET!
  • Compulsory Health Insurance has now carved its pages in history from the floors of the CONGRESS and the SENATE.
  • The spending spree continues as the American people's Financial portfolio includes such businesses as banks, insurance companies and automobiles.
  • The housing industry, both in terms of new construction and sales, is still spinning like a top.
  • The 'global warming' faction managed to gain riches and create legislation, all at the American people's expense leaving many Americans without the personal incomes to even pay for their heating bill during one of the coldest winters in 'global warming's' records!
Those responsible for this will only be held accountable at the polls!

This is a sampling of what 'CHANGE' has cost us. A cartoon recently showed the President and Bernanke looking down at a few coins lying on the floor of a warehouse with the caption something like after Cap n Tax, stimulus and bail outs, what do we have left for Health Care? The response: CHANGE!

Let's do it America! CHANGE our current status quo.

For the record, the many nationalities of color who have spent their formative years in Hawaii are more prone to have a local accent. Reid, Senator from Nevada, a state whose Hawaiian connection is robust, should know that!


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