Monday, January 25, 2010

Issue du Jour: "Rescue, Restore, Rebuild"

Who in the world is David Plouffe? If you are one of the millions who are concerned about the direction this country is going you’d better get up close and personal with David Plouffe, why? Because your president just put him on the payroll to counter the effect YOU are having on shaping our future – or, more to the point, in returning our country back to the republic it is being steered away from!

This Wednesday the president will give the ‘state of the union’ address to his ‘peeps’ and it is alleged the theme will be “rescue, restore and rebuild.” That’s what the President is looking to promote for the country, you and me, as a whole. BUT, that is just the public application of that concept…

While he is going to try and convince us he has our best interests at heart and he will ‘rescue, restore and rebuild’ America he is actually bringing in his former big guns that helped him to get elected and having them ‘rescue, restore and rebuild’ the O’s image. While they swear they are not going to let polls sway them this new revival of the O is a result of a 2 pronged reality check -1] he and his got a huge scolding in the Massachusetts election; and 2] the polls have never been less favorable for him. His media friends are bailing as they begin to watch the whole honeymoon implode and they try to analyze how this could happen right under their adoring eyes.

Yes! Rescue, restore and rebuild should be the theme for this coming year but I should hope it will be confiscated from the O and held high like a banner for the march to take back our government on November 2, 2010! Let us RESCUE our republic from the socialist, the communists, the Marxists and the totalitarians who currently occupy it. Let us RESTORE it to its constitutional glory [remember RED, WHITE & BLUE, Pride in country] and let us REBUILD our grand country from the inside out.

Finally, let’s REDISCOVER LIBERTY in this beautiful land with its diverse and warm people! By focusing on our own REVIVAL we will serve as a strong and RESONANT voice of our people whose government is FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND OF THE PEOPLE! Then and only then will a RESOLUTE nation regain its global standing as unique and independent! A great nation where LIBERTY reigns and government serves.


Old vet said...

Great orators scare the hell out of me, regardless whether its the idoit in the white house or these bloggers. How many of the current bloggers were alive during WW2, too many people then listened to Hitlers propaganda minister Heinrich Himler, who proposed "the final solution"
Bottom line, show me the action!

Old vet said...

Please excuse the memory laps,It's been a while, hitlers propaganda minister was Herman Gobles. Himler was the sob that carried the puch out.