Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pelosi * Ground Zero Mosque & the Word!

The 'Word' is, we must be punished!

Fantasy Island has a dark cloud hanging over it and Ms. Pelosi is not happy! She wants to know WHO is FUNDING the OPPOSITION to the Ground Zero Mosque!?!? :::::reaching into my pockets and turning them inside out:::::: Yep, must be me. I am broke, somebody took my money in order to finance opposition, no wait! Because I think it an insulting, ludicrous and ill advised idea, thus I oppose this abomination, I am the opposition!

Before today, I was opposed -- but quietly. You know, the quiet that when you hear something so wrong you have a little talk with yourself in your head and decide on the whys and wherefores that make it wrong and then you file it in your silent majority opinion file. But, today, Ms. Pelosi interjecting herself into my RIGHT to speak my mind has caused me to get it out of my head and out into public domain. I OPPOSE THIS and NO FREAKING BODY IS FUNDING MY OPPOSITION...I am of sound mind and self will and I OPPOSE THIS! Got the WORD yet?

Why do I oppose it? Because I don't approve of anyone coming to my country, slaughtering my fellow American's, and then erecting a trophy on the mantle of the killing field! It is not about their religion or their right to practice it. It is not because they are coincidentally of the same religious affiliation that when radicalized has focused malicious intent against my country. It is because it offends the sensibilities of Americans and it imposes an attribute of arrogance over our sensibilities. If you don't like America the way we are LEAVE ALREADY! No one put a gun to your heads and forced you to immigrate to this country. You are free to return to your culture any time you wish. Just stop trying to change ours.

As for Nonsense Pelosi, November 2nd can't get here soon enough. It will be sweet victory to know that your days are numbered as house speaker. You will be moved out of that very important office and your finger wagging, name calling, chiding and impudent manner will be out of the public eye, yet again. Relegated to just another representative from California, you will no longer wield the power to belittle the fine citizens of this great nation. By the way, I am sure the countries where the Mosque and Islam religion is the ONLY church you will see would welcome you with opened arms to their little close nit family. You will have to get used to sitting down and shutting up unless spoken to; dressing more modestly; wearing a head scarf at least and a burkha at most as a sign of your lack of standing. You being the wrong gender and all. Hold an office where you can wag your finger at a man? Oh, please, try it there.

Lady, you have stepped way over the line and are seriously standing on the last nerve of the people of this country.

Hear me really my lips...I OPPOSE THE MOSQUE BEING BUILT NEXT TO GROUND ZERO. And NO ONE IS FUNDING ME. I just opened my mouth and said it..then I sat down and wrote it here. I paid for this site!

That's my opinion and I am sticking with it.

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