Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Issue du Jour: CNN Poll, is it important?

Drudge Report is running the headline: "CNN SHOCK POLL: Majority say Obama doesn't deserve 2nd term!"

While that is not a big shock, really, to most of us, though it is understandable it might shock CNN as part of the left stream media, it should not translate to resting on our laurels!

This is Feb 2010, 13 months into O's first term. Yes, he has made a lot of mistakes and is still making them, and yes, the get out and vote campaign will not be run by ACORN but by the Tea Party folks, VOLUNTEERS with no FEDERAL monies corrupting their campaign, but we have a long way to go and any number of things, for instance the Afghanistan war, could turn things around.

Firstly, in order for him not to be elected there has to be someone to run against him. Currently, there is no one who would fit the bill. Huckabee has a growing base and manages to reach people with his affable character. Keep an eye on him. Palin certainly appeals to a certain demographic but not one to carry a national vote. Santorum hasn't declared and frankly, don't know if he could pull it off. Romney did not fair well last time, and with Massachusett's health care on his watch he may never get the majority. Gingrich has been being courted by many but hasn't declared. He is likely too associated with the Washington gang to get the vote. With no candidate with power emerging Obama actually could be reelected with little to no effort.

Secondly, never underestimate the power of a single good story at the opportune time and let's face it, this administration is all about spin and opportune story telling! If people were back to work, if people were making money, if a huge attack was foiled, if they finally found Bin Laden, if he reinstated Interrogations again, if he simply listened to the 'people' and really accommodated their concerns he'd wind up a slam dunk. And history tells us that anything can happen in a flash that will either set a president or unseat him!

Let us not be lulled into some sense of having reached our goal with the headline about CNN's poll. It winds up being a conditioning of the folks. In this time with a constant barrage of bad news people want to hear something positive. They see/hear this they relax thinking the fight has been won, they do nothing more and the vote goes to the incumbent. Be vigilant. Do not worry too much or give too much credence to the 'polls' because people are fickle. Stay tuned in to the issues, the debates, the problems facing this nation. Let's you and I and keep an eye out for a strong candidate who might emerge who will make the 2012 campaign an exciting one! You can bet Obama is going to pull out this smooth and polished persona to woo the folks. Wouldn't it be nice if the teleprompters would unite in failing to work during all the campaigning so we see the real candidate for who they are for each party!

Most important thing to remember: Liberty is not free! It must be preserved. Perseverance will lift LIBERTY tall.

Just keeping it real...how about you?

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